WWE’s The Miz comments on Dancing With The Stars Elimination

This season of ABCs Dance with the stars has been wild, and WWE fans loved that the Awesome even The Miz was part of this season’s cast. Unfortunately, The Miz was eliminated this week after falling in the bottom two against Jojo Siwa and finishing his run on the dance floor. Miz took to Instagram to share some thoughts after the elimination and talk about how amazing the experience on the show was, an experience he enjoyed with his dance partner Witney Carson as they recreated everything from Disney’s Aladdin to Hellraiser in the show and you can find his comments below.

“The one person – the ONE person I would not be up against in the bottom two, and that had to be @itsjojosiwa! Regardless of last night’s outcome, I had fun,” Miz wrote. “All season I had fun because @dancingabc is fun. Was it hard? Yes. But fun. All that’s going to be about such an incredible, absolutely incredible cast and crew from @DancingABC. Thank you @WitneyCarson. I know “The world knows how good you are, but Witney is such an incredible choreographer and so patient (and with me you have to be) and made me a better dancer every day. She became too familiar with what I asked.” huh? “,” what are we doing? “,” wait, where are we? “. But like the professional she is, she never got frustrated with me, even when I was frustrated with myself.”

“Thank you to all the other professionals and stars. My face lit up with real excitement every time I saw you dance. You motivated me to get better and I thank you for that! Thank you to the judges for your honest feedback,” he wrote Miz. “As a perfectionist, it was not always easy to hear that I was not perfect, but I took and absorbed every ounce of feedback and applied it to the following week. Thank you to the incredible band that was the soundtrack to my dance life. Thank you to the absolutely incredible crew who no doubt made my life easier and who do not get the credit they deserve. The lighting team, the scenography team, the pyroteam, thank you! Thank you to all the editors and producers who worked tirelessly on all the packages. – and the makeup department were the absolute MVPs, because no matter what I threw at them, no matter how hard I thought it was, they were there with a smile on their face ready to give me to Genie or Scar or Pinhead. the camera and sound team and to the social media team. A lot of people have worked hard to make Monday possible and I’m so grateful for it all. Thank you! “

Carson also wrote a cute post on Instagram about her Dancing with the Stars partner, and she enjoyed every minute of their run this season.

“MIIIIKKKKEEE πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ you were all professional DREAM partners. You took on every week with all your heart and soul, you were fearless and so entertaining to watch grow into a dancer! I loved our brother and sister teasing, our” do it better ” , “do not blur this for me” pep talks and your ability to make me laugh so hard while you want to hit you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ !! I’m so proud of you and this season you absolutely hit “It’s dead! Yes, you’re one of my favorites and I will never forget this season with you. NO ONE, I repeat, no one could get me into the bald cap except you,” Carson wrote. “Love you @mikethemiz can not wait to make a cameo on @mizandmrs and also make fun of you in that show! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€ show mike something loves you !!!!”


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