Women in the LA area help vulnerable women in Afghanistan – NBC Los Angeles

Jahan Shahryar and Dr. Ayesha Sherzai does not talk about when they talk about the women of Afghanistan.

“We consider this a spiritual death,” Shahryar said. “It’s potentially worse than death.”

Sherzai added: “During the night, they lost their dreams and they lost their hopes.”

Americans of Afghan descent, both are skilled professionals in the United States – Shahryar, a lawyer, and Sherzai, a neurologist.

They are founding members of a nonprofit organization called restorehervoice.org.

“You have women with the same dreams and aspirations that we have – with education and so much potential – and right now they are limited to their homes,” Shahryar said.

That is what drives their lifelong mission, driven from Los Angeles, to create change on the other side of the world.

In the months leading up to the chaotic withdrawal of American troops, they fought to get vulnerable women out of the country and into safety – doctors, lawyers, politicians, activists, artists.

“They are the biggest threat to the Taliban regime because they are powerful, outspoken women,” Sharyar said.

65, so far, has come to the States, an exhausting and difficult journey that often involves dozens of helpers in several countries.

But for those who could not leave, the threat remains: a regime of what Sherzai calls an archaic belief system that subjugates women, often with violence.

“There are 16 million women living in Afghanistan,” she said. “Sixteen million women who – in the last 20 years – gained hope.”

But they, and “restorehervoice” have never given up.

This week, Sharyar received a $ 6,000 award from People magazine.

The couple says it is bringing renewed attention to their mission, and encourages everyone to visit their website.

There you can see pictures and stories behind the lucky few who made it, as well as the faces of hope among millions left.


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