Will Justin Fields start week one against the Aries?

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The Bears apparently would like to use the Patrick Mahomes approach with rookie quarterback Justin Fields, park him most, if not all year, and get him ready for 2022. Or maybe they want it to be the safer solution if Fields does not it does not quickly develop you into a guy who is immediately ready to go.

If he’s rapidly evolving into a guy who’s ready to go, what then? They promised Andy Dalton by signing him that he would be the starter. But the Bears are bound by nothing but to pay Dalton the agreed rate for the 2021 season; if Fields is clearly better, Fields must play.

The fans will undoubtedly have Fields. They did so before Saturday’s opening of the preseason, and nothing that happened to the dolphins has diminished the outcry over the rookie.

The wishes of the players will go a long way towards resolving the situation. If the locker room is lined up behind Fields, it will be very difficult to keep him on the sidelines.

And even though he looked good, there is plenty of room for improvement. Consider the attached discussion from Monday’s PFT Live regarding a specific nuance, as it pertains to spotting opportunities in the passing game, something that Fields and other young quarterbacks are expected to develop as they gain more NFL experience.

If Fields continues to improve, we may see him in three weeks and six days when the Bears start the season with a game against the Rams in LA.

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