why the Madison Prewett romance did not succeed

Peter Weber is aware that there were thorns in his “Bachelor” romance with Madison Prewett.

“It was literally the most trying and difficult experience I’ve ever been through,” Weber, 30, told Page Six exclusively in a new interview, reflecting on his time leading season 24 of the ABC dating series – and betrothed to Prewett – in 2020.

As viewers will remember, Weber was instantly connected to Prewett, 25, who received his first one-on-one date – an intimate visit to the pilot’s family home in Southern California to attend his parents’ promise renewal.

The Alabama-bred contestant, who told Weber that she saved herself for marriage earlier in the season, eventually reached Fantasy Suites Week – but fled the show after learning that her potential husband had been intimate with his other two finalists.

Madison Prewett abd Peter Weber
Peter Weber exclusively told Page Six why his “Bachelor” love story with Madison Prewett did not end happily ever after.

“As much respect for her as I have and think so highly of her, I certainly see that there were differences between the two of us that probably would not allow a meaningful long-term relationship to flourish,” Weber said. “Nothing against any of us. It’s just who we are. That’s what it is.”

Weber is not sure his love story with Prewett would have ended happily by the end of their days, even though she had received the week’s first date, which many fans have claimed would have given the proud Christian the opportunity to emphasize his morals.

“If that had been the case, of course, the show would have been a little different,” Weber said. “But really, I really mean this, I do not know if it would have changed anything in the long run.”

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett
Prewett received Weber’s first one-on-one date in season 24 of 2020.

Prewett repeated the same thing in a recent interview with Page Six, saying, “In the end, it’s what it is, and it all happened as it should.”

After Prewett resigned from Weber, he eventually proposed to final rose recipient Hannah Ann Sluss. But as that engagement crumbled, Weber and Prewett entered into a pact at the “After the Final Rose” specialty to explore their off-camera relationships.

Days later, however, the star-crossed couple, who also faced criticism from Weber’s meaningful mother, Barbara, broke up forever.

Prewett describes his “meandering” separation from Weber in his new memoir, “Made for This Moment: Standing Firm with Grace, Strength and Courage” – a book he has not yet read, although he supports her literary endeavors.

“I have nothing but good things to say about her,” he said. “She has always carried herself in the best possible way. I am excited to see all her success that she has achieved.”

Weber, who also dated “Bachelor” season 24 star Kelley Flanagan after the show, told us that he has not maintained friendships with any of his reality TV exes – and is fascinated by the idea of ​​dating someone who does not is famous.

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett
The couple’s relationship disintegrated after Prewett found out that Weber had been physically intimate with his two other finalists.

“I am really more of a private person. I know a lot of people don’t believe that, but I really do, ”he said. “I’m looking forward to possibly dating someone who’s not in the public eye. For me, there’s something just very attractive about it and just keeping things a little bit closer to my chest.”

But if he’s still single by next summer, Weber is open to looking for love on the beaches in “Bachelor in Paradise.”

“It’s obviously the one path I have not gone down, but it’s the one that I think could work better for me than ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘The Bachelor,'” said the alum from “Bachelorette” season 15, as before. has competed for Hannah Brown’s heart in 2019.

Weber – who was unable to attend the spin-off this year due to planning conflicts – elaborated: “Just being able to focus on one person is how I really like mood with someone and connect “Having so many people around and having so many women to navigate through can be distracting. So I like the idea of ​​how ‘Paradise’ is run.”


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