Weather in Canberra: Snow with frost and rain coming | Canberra Times

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Canberra went into excitement as the snow fell over the city spots on Saturday and there is a chance that more will fall in the coming week. The temperatures were not quite low enough for the rare snow to stick to the ground in the city itself, but people were excited. Twitter was shrouded in excitement, “I’m still excited,” Daniel O’Connell tweeted Saturday. “One of the small joys of living in this beautiful city,” Kim Fraser tweeted. President David Wilke, bureau of meteorology, said there was a chance the snow could return early in the week, but it was hard to say for sure so far out. “There’s a chance we could get some light snow the same way we did with this last event on Tuesday and Wednesday,” Wilke said. “One to keep an eye on.” Monday morning dips below freezing in the morning but warms up to a peak of 10 degrees. Tuesday is expected to be another wet day with light winds with a chance from the outside that the city will see the snow again. “When we go in Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s starting to see showers pick up,” Wilke said. “There is definitely a good chance of snow in Brindabellas, and ACT will get snow, I’m sure.” Whether we get it in town or not will always have a question mark around it. “Saturday’s snow eased the heavy rain from the night before, although forecasts warned that small hail could not be ruled out. They are not expected to be as large as those that severely shut down vehicles last year. Eight millimeters of rain fell over the course of 24 hours to 9 on Saturday with half of it overnight. This is wet, but not out of the ordinary for that time of year, according to forecast master Jordan Notara. Mountain Franklin Road in Namadgi National Park was closed in the Chalet car park due to bad weather. Corin Road is now open for four-wheel drive only until further notice from Transport Canberra. The ski resorts benefited from snow. Snowfall was reported at Corin Forest Ski Resort. Snow on land over 700 meters was predicted Saturday including Brindabellas. The probability of a fall in the snow on Mo unt Ginini was high, according to the meteorologist. Some ACT residents even claimed to see “snowflakes” on top of high-rise buildings in the Civic on Friday afternoon. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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