Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews takes the Covid-19 swipe at the Sydney eruption

Daniel Andrews has sensationally claimed that Sydney is to blame for Victoria’s growing Covid-19 outbreak.

After the state announced 24 new locally acquired infections on Tuesday and the Melburnians woke up to even tougher public health measures, Victorian Prime Minister Sydney slammed the state’s struggles.

“We wish them all the best of luck. Their success will be ours, just as their problem has become ours, ”he told reporters.

“I can not rewind – I can not send it back to New South Wales, where it came from. We have to deal with what’s here. ”

NSW registered 452 new cases and one new death overnight as the state approaches nearly two months in lockdown.

Although there was a slight drop in cases from Monday’s 478 new infections, the NSW Prime Minister warned that September and October would be “the most difficult” months for the state.

Andrews said health authorities aimed to prevent the escalating situation north of the border from happening in Victoria.

“No matter what another state does or chooses to prioritize in their daily briefings, the national strategy remains the national strategy and it is actively suppressing the virus as best we can,” he said.

“Sometimes it means you come down to zero cases, sometimes you will not be able to achieve it.

“We will not be closed indefinitely – we must do our best to avoid what Sydney is going through at the moment.”

The award said the “best way forward” for the state was to be tested immediately if anyone showed symptoms and to be vaccinated.

“We have an agreed plan that says when we reach 70 percent (vaccination rate) based on Doherty Institute modeling,” Andrews said.

“When we reach 70 percent, things are possible, at 80 percent you are not in lockdown.

“This is a degree of protection and security, and the future looks different- It’s the agreed plan, and no one is going away from it.”


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