Victoria Covid update: Daniel Andrews has no plans to lift lockdown early, as new case registered in Mildura | Victoria

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews says it is too early to say whether there will be an extension of the state’s five-day Covid-19 lockdown.

The premiere said on Sunday that the state did not see new transmission chains open, and the outburst unfolded as the government “hoped it would”.

“This shutdown will not be longer than it should be,” Andrews said.

Victoria recorded 16 new locally acquired cases within 24 hours until midnight on Saturday, but authorities announced there had been an additional case in the Victoria region added in the hour before Sunday’s press conference.

The additional case was a man in Mildura who had presented Covid-19 symptoms at the hospital after taking part in the Carlton-Geelong AFL match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last Saturday.

When asked if regional areas might be out of lockdown faster than elsewhere, the prime minister said he could not afford to shorten the lockdown for anyone.

“A case across Mildura, a long way from Melbourne, shows that when it comes to spreading this virus, it’s an easy thing and a small task for this virus to get from one end of Victoria to the other, Said Andrews.

53,283 test results were returned during the last 24-hour reporting period, and 16,751 vaccines were administered in Victoria.

Victoria has also registered two new infections acquired abroad, currently in hotel quarantine, bringing the total number of active cases to 71.

The locally acquired cases are all linked to the current outbreaks, and Victoria’s health department said it is in contact with six schools after they were linked to positive cases.

A home order is due to expire at midnight Tuesday, but could be expanded based on data including case numbers and locations, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said.

“Every Victorian needs to prepare for what may emerge over the next 24/48 hours,” he said Saturday.

“All I can say is that the answer could not have been better. The verdicts handed down around a hard and fast shutdown have been the right ones. And it has got us on a good track.

“We have options in place until Tuesday midnight and we will make a new assessment every day for the next three days.”

On Saturday, authorities estimated there were 10,000 “primary close contacts” in Victoria, and by Sunday morning, they had identified 217 potential Covid sites across the state.

Some of the exposure sites and close contacts have spread to the Victoria region.

Places of interest include pubs, clubs, restaurants, sports venues, shopping malls, schools and gyms in the metropolitan area of ​​Melbourne, suburbs and several places on Phillip Island, a two-hour drive south of Melbourne.

The growing list of sites and restrictions can be found at

Victoria’s health minister Martin Foley said the state is looking forward to the Commonwealth’s vaccination program.

“I do not think it is a state secret that we are far behind where we should be in the vaccination program,” he told reporters on Saturday.

Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania have introduced border restrictions with Victoria.

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