Vancouver Weather Forecast: Rain for days, warning in effect


The rain is expected to be so heavy in Metro Vancouver that Environment Canada has issued a warning about it.

The federal forecaster said those in the affected areas, which include Vancouver and suburbs and part of the Sunshine Coast, will be hit by about 50 millimeters of rain in just a few hours.

In its rain warning, Environment Canada said heavy rain is expected from Tuesday night and lasts until Wednesday morning.

There is a lot of rain in a short time, and lightning floods are possible, said the agency, which is responsible for the sudden softening of an “intense Pacific frontal system.”

The forecast is that the rain will subside to scattered showers the next day, but the region is waiting for even more wet weather.

Environment Canada’s current forecast is rain every day until at least Monday, which is not unusual for this time of year in the area where it historically rains about 68 percent of the time.

Wednesday is expected to be warmer than normal 15 C, but the temperature is forecast to return to the seasonal norm of 9 on Friday.

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