Update on injured Salisbury double train accident driver

The driver, who suffered ‘life-changing’ injuries during the double train accident in Salisbury, was described as a ‘deeply respected colleague’ by his employers.

They said: “Their early assessment shows that the South Western Railway driver responded correctly to the signals by braking to brake the train.

“Although the investigation has a long way to go, these initial findings are useful in stopping speculation and focusing attention on the evidence of the probable cause of the collision.”

In addition to commenting on the investigation, SWR also paid tribute to their “deeply respected colleague” who was injured while driving London Waterloo to the Exeter South Western Train, which crashed into the Fisherton Tunnel on 31 October.

The driver has over 50 years of experience driving on this route and an ‘excellent professional track record’, the company said.

“All of our drivers are regularly assessed to the highest standards and he has fully met all the requirements,” the spokesman added.

The driver acted “in an impeccable manner” according to the SWR, describing his “brave attempt to keep his passengers safe, staying in control throughout.”

They added: “We thank him for his actions and we wish him speedy recovery as he continues to be treated at the hospital.

“Our thoughts go out to all those caught in this serious accident and we will continue to cooperate fully with the relevant authorities as they continue their investigations.”

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