UK marketplace Add to Cart wants to take on the big boys

UK marketplace Add to Cart wants to take on the big boys

Add to Cart is a new e-commerce marketplace from the United Kingdom. It wants to compete with other online marketplaces by focusing primarily on supporting small-scale businesses. The marketplace works with merchants’ existing sales platforms.

Add to Cart was founded by Tej Randeva, a British entrepreneur who is also behind, a price comparison website for rental services. With Add to Cart he wants to compete against the big boys of the e-commerce world. “By giving thousands of small, independent retailers a major post-pandemic boost.”

Focus on supporting small suppliers

The British startup aims to gain market share by focusing on supporting small suppliers. “But we don’t want to take anything away from the autonomy that makes these companies unique,” ​​it explains. So the ecommerce marketplace works with existing selling platforms, such as Shopify.

More than 100 companies and 60,000 products are listed.

Currently, it lists more than 100 companies and more than 60,000 products The marketplace generated hundreds of online orders for retailers, including gift specialists, boutique crafts, grooming experts and food suppliers.

‘The past 18 months have been tough for small businesses’

“The past 18 months have been extremely difficult for small businesses, with Covid-19 restrictions causing chaos and limiting traditional visitor numbers,” said Randeva. “Most of the popular markets like Amazon and eBay don’t target small sellers and make it difficult for them to succeed without spending a lot on listings and ads.”

Amazon and eBay are not aimed at small sellers.

He continues: “With Add to Cart, we have developed a platform that is easy to use, has no subscription fees and, most importantly, leverages all of our back-end marketing expertise and support to take sellers’ products to the top of the market. online ranking.”

No subscription fees, but a 10% commission

Online sellers can sign up for Add to Cart for free. They do not pay monthly subscription fees. “If you don’t get any revenue, you don’t pay us anything,” the company says in the FAQ. The fee is currently 10 percent, or a minimum of £0.50, for any order.

Registered users can import all their product details from their existing ecommerce platform through a one-step interface. Once signed up, users take advantage of a variety of services including SEO marketing, paid advertising, social media campaigns, and more.

“While many of the major online marketplaces don’t release customer data to their merchants, Add to Cart will make all the data available so that users can remarketing and build lasting relationships with their customer base.”

Search by place

A new feature will be launched soon that will allow shoppers to search by location. This should encourage them to support businesses in their community. Randeva believes his new e-commerce business has the potential to scale very quickly. “We have exciting plans to strengthen our position in the UK and then move abroad, possibly starting with Canada and then moving on to the US, Australia and Europe.”

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