Two athletes residing in Tokyo Olympic Village are positive for COVID-19; another athlete also positive

TOKYO – Two athletes living in the Olympic Village have tested positive for COVID-19, the first to do so, with the Tokyo Games opening on Friday.

The organizers confirmed the positive tests on Sunday, and both were listed as non-Japanese. No names or other details were provided.

Organizers on Sunday also said that another athlete had tested positive but that this person did not reside in the Olympic village. This athlete was also identified as “non-Japanese.”

Also on Sunday, the first member of the International Olympic Committee was reported as testing positive. He recorded a positive test Saturday at a Tokyo airport.

The International Olympic Committee confirmed the test and identified him as Ryu Seung-min from South Korea. He won an Olympic gold medal in table tennis during the 2004 Olympics.

He was allegedly kept in solitary confinement. Reports said he was asymptomatic.

IOC President Thomas Bach said last week that there was “zero” risk of athletes in the village transmitting the virus to Japanese or other residents of the village.

Organizers say that since July 1, 55 people associated with the Olympics have reported positive tests. These accounts include athletes or others who may have arrived at training camps but are not yet under the “jurisdiction” of the organizing committee.

The Olympic Bay in Tokyo Bay will house 11,000 Olympic athletes and thousands of other support staff.

Tokyo registered 1,410 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, the highest in six months. It was the 28th day in a row that cases were higher than seven days earlier.

The Olympics open Friday during a state of emergency in Tokyo and three nearby prefectures. The emergency order lasts until August 22. The Olympics end on August 8.

Fans – locals and fans from abroad – have been banned from all Olympic events in Tokyo and the three nearby prefectures. So few nightclubs could possibly smash local fans.


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