Tokyo Olympics: Team USA vs. Iran – live scores, updates and more | Canada

Tokyo Olympics: Team USA vs.  Iran – live scores, updates and more | Canada

Team USA looks set to bounce back from their defeat to the opening game against France when they face Iran.

We’ve got you covered by all the live updates, scores and stats from the games below:

Team USA vs. Iran – live scores, updates and more


End of third quarter: USA 82, Iran 43

– MILESTONE ALERT: Durant is only five points shy of Carmelo Anthony’s all-time Team USA, who scores a record of 336 points.

– Durant’s defense at the edge has been unique tonight. He swims Geramipoor’s shot away and brings it to Adebayo for dunk at the other end. KD has two blocks and two steals at night.

– Booker comes to the line for the USA’s first point in the half. He follows it up with a steal of the incoming one and throws the two-handed jam down.

Half time: USA 60, Iran 30

Damian Lillard tears in tears tonight. He leads Team USA with 18 points, all off the arc. They have shot a fiery 13-of-21 from the 3-point line as a team to Iran’s 5-of-14.

The U.S. offense has been smooth tonight, with 15 assists on 21 goals in the field.

Hamed Haddadi leads Iran by 11 points, while Navid Rezaeifar has 10.

– Durant stays in the post and muscles against a much larger Haddadi in the defense. He strips the big man and gets stolen.

– Dame Time has adapted to the new time zone. Lillard has five triples for his 15 points.

– Navid Rezaeifar gets corner three to go to Iran to stop the race. 51-23 (3:47)

– After losing to France, points differential could come into play for Team USA. They are running up the scoreboard tonight at this pace.

– Now it’s Zach LaVine’s turn. He gets two quick triples in 30 seconds and the lead is out to 30 points.

– Jrue Holiday was gathered right where he left off with France and buried his second triple night to make it 38-15 (7:29).

– Team USA plays much more aggressively tonight when reaching the edge or stepping into three.

– Make it a 12-0 race for Team USA

End of first quarter: USA 28, Iran 12

Lillard leads the United States by nine points, while Booker and Adebayo have four.

It has been a clinical start to shooting the ball as they knocked down six 3-pointers and more importantly committed zero turnover

– Durant strikes down three times and the USA takes a 23-2 lead. Timeout Iran (3:29)

– Damian Lillard got it started early with three 3-pointers in the first quarter!

– The former NBA big man Hamed Haddadi has been he as a star for Iran early at both ends of the floor.


USA starts five:

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