Today’s Coronavirus News: Ontario reports 331 new cases of COVID-19; Romania hits record for pandemic death

The latest news on coronavirus from Canada and the rest of the world on Tuesday. This file will be updated during the day. Web links to longer stories, if available.

10:41 Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann returns to the bench against Benfica in the Champions League on Tuesday after missing four matches with coronavirus.

Bayern said Nagelsmann took charge of a training session on Tuesday, almost two weeks after he had to step aside hours before the team’s last Champions League match. Bavaria originally cited a “flu-like infection” and said a day later that Nagelsmann was tested positive for coronavirus.

10:19 (will be updated) Ontario reports 331 new cases of COVID-19; 195 cases are in persons who are not fully vaccinated or have unknown vaccination status, and 136 are in fully vaccinated persons.

9:35 A “mystifying” COVID-19 outbreak among fully vaccinated adult hockey players in the York region has led to calls for a full investigation.

The virus spread like wildfire among players in adult leagues earlier this month – with 15 confirmed cases and a 75-year-old dead – and has raised a spider’s web of concerns about indoor sports safety, vaccine confirmation and dangers lurking in the air, especially in hockey fields and the elderly facilities.

“It’s definitely eyebrow lifting – not at all what one would expect,” said Colin Furness, an infection control epidemiologist at the University of Toronto. “It’s mystifying and really worth investigating: genotypes, ring testing, vaccination verification, full contact tracking … We want to find the smoking gun.”

Furness said the outbreak is “disturbing” for a number of reasons.

“Is this an early warning for a new variant? It’s unlikely … but you want to know. Is this a change in the COVID epidemiology? Do we have a big blind spot? What’s going on?”

8:32 Romania reported a record daily number of 591 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday amid a persistently low vaccination rate and a wave of coronavirus infections that have overwhelmed the country’s ailing health system.

Only 37 percent of adults in Romania, an EU member with about 19 million people, have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 compared to an EU average of 75 percent. Within the 27-member EU, only Bulgaria has a small proportion of its population vaccinated.

Romanian authorities said on Tuesday that 541 of the 591 people who had died from COVID-19 since the day before were unvaccinated.

The catastrophe unfolded prompted authorities to impose tighter restrictions from last week. Vaccination certificates are required for many daily activities, such as going to the gym, cinema or mall. For everyone, there is a curfew at. 22.00.

8:15 Nearly two dozen Hamilton companies were charged with alleged COVID-19 violations last week, despite no change in the city’s enforcement level.

During the city’s COVID-19 update on Monday, Emergency Operations Center Director Jason Thorne said statutory officers have performed the “same level” of pandemic-related enforcement over the past few weeks. It includes both reactive and proactive enforcement.

Thorne noted that the bylaws have shifted their focus from education to enforcement, as the current COVID rules and regulations “have been in place for some time” and both borrowers and businesses “should be well aware of them.”

22 businesses were charged last week, according to the city’s online enforcement list, which is updated weekly.

7:25 Air Canada reported a loss of $ 640 million in its most recent quarter, as its operating revenues nearly tripled compared to a year ago, when the airline increased capacity.

The airline says the loss amounted to $ 1.79 per. diluted stock for the quarter ending Sept. 30, compared to a loss of $ 685 million or $ 2.31 per share. diluted stock a year earlier.

Revenue was $ 2.10 billion, up from $ 757 million in the same quarter last year.

Air Canada increased its capacity in the quarter measured by available seat miles by 87 percent compared to the third quarter of 2020, but it was still down by 66 percent compared to the third quarter of 2019.

6:40: Mayor John Tory tweeted early Tuesday morning that 84 percent of eligible Torontoians have now received two doses of the vaccine.

“I would like to thank everyone who has stepped up to be vaccinated and everyone involved in the #TeamToronto effort that has administered more than 4.9 million doses of the vaccine so far,” Tory wrote in his tweet.

06:15: Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said Monday that the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States is a “mixed bag” entering the holiday season and that Americans should get their vaccine booster shots as soon as they is justified.

More than 64 million U.S. adults have not been vaccinated, and the Biden administration is preparing for significant parental resistance as vaccines become available to children ages 5 to 11 this week.

“It’s a mixed case,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told McClatchy in an interview. “I am happy that the cases, the hospitalizations and the deaths are falling. I am still concerned that we have 64 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated and who have not been vaccinated.

“So it’s a mixed feeling in the reaction to where things are,” he added. “It’s good news that we keep coming down. It’s a little frustrating when we have so many people who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not.”

Those vaccinated may plan to celebrate the holiday with a greater sense of normalcy, he said.

6:11: According to the Peel board, 519 full-time teachers have been on sick leave for three months or longer in the last school year, almost double the number of teachers who were on sick leave before the pandemic. And it’s not just Peel: At the York Region District School Board, 711 teachers were on sick leave for three months or longer in the 2020-21 school year – an increase from 372 from 2018-19 before the pandemic.

At the Toronto District School Board, 808 elementary school teachers took sick leave for three months or longer in the last school year – up from 388 in 2019-2020. GTA schools spent most of the second half of last school year learning online due to nationwide shutdowns amid rising COVID-19 cases. However, a similar increase in sickness absence was not observed among secondary teachers at TDSB.

It is difficult to determine how many of these teachers were on sick leave for mental health reasons, said boards and teachers’ associations because the paperwork for long-term disability leave does not clearly distinguish between mental and physical ailments. But teachers are still absent at higher frequencies than before, both at the primary and secondary school level, and many of them due to stress.

Read the full story from Star Nadine Yousif here.

06:10: Hawaii remains among the most restrictive states for COVID-19 mandates, despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the country.

Different state and county rules have changed frequently, leaving some businesses, travelers and residents confused and frustrated.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said earlier this year that all restrictions would end when 70% of the population was fully vaccinated. But a wave of delta variants filled hospitals and expanded rules to protect against COVID-19.

Now the number of cases has dropped and about 83% of eligible Hawaii residents are fully vaccinated. But many rules are still in place.

06:10: Unvaccinated teens have been more likely to test positive for coronavirus than unvaccinated adults in Los Angeles County, officials said.

The trend illustrates how a group less likely to have been vaccinated in the country’s most populous county plays a major role in the continued transmission of the highly contagious delta variant.

“The highest incidence of cases has been among unvaccinated teens, who were eight times more likely than vaccinated teens to test positive for COVID and are important drivers of infection across our community,” said LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer in a recent briefing.

Earlier, health authorities had noted that it was younger adults who were most likely to get coronavirus.

It is no coincidence that it is young residents of LA County who are least likely to be vaccinated. While 80% of LA County residents eligible for vaccination have received at least one shot, only 70% of 12- to 15-year-olds have done so, and so have 76% of those aged 16 to 17. . By comparison, 98% of residents ages 65 to 79 have received at least one shot.

06:07: Election Canada was curious to know how many Canadians believed in conspiracy theories leading up to the recent federal referendum.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had two years left of his minority mandate in August when he threw the country out in an election while a fourth wave of COVID-19 raged.

Protesters opposed to public health measures such as masking and mandatory vaccinations staged demonstrations, some of which followed Trudeau as he crossed the country, throwing obscenities at him and at one point even gravel.

Months before the vote triggered, the federal agency responsible for conducting elections commissioned its first independent survey of the degree of trust Canadians had in the election process. It included figuring out how many had a “conspiracy mindset”.

“Questions about conspiracies allow for a better understanding of what can trigger mistrust of election administration,” Canada’s election spokeswoman Natasha Gauthier said in a statement, adding that “the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant social and economic changes, including in the constituency. administration. “

“Looking at mistrust in general also helps us better understand what kinds of information and communication approaches can be effective in building trust in choices.”

The poll was conducted by the company Leger over 10 days in April and surveyed 2,500 Canadians online and through computer-aided interview technology.

It found that a majority of respondents trusted Elections Canada and believed that the voting system was “safe and reliable.”

When it came to conspiracy theories, the survey, recently published on a government website, reported that 17 percent thought the government was trying to cover up the link between vaccines and autism, and 30 percent thought new drugs or technologies were being tested on people without their knowledge.

The survey also found that 40 percent of respondents subscribed to believe that certain major events have been a product of a “small group secretly manipulating world events.”

6 in the morning Authorities in Beijing stopped teaching at 18 schools in a district after a teacher became infected with Covid-19, days before a central Communist Party meeting in the city.

6 in the morning Bulgaria reported record daily COVID-19 deaths. Infections in Thailand fell to the lowest level in four months, and new cases fell in Australia’s two most populous states, as both nations eased international border restrictions.

6 in the morning Japan plans to allow business travelers and students to enter the country, but does not loosen the curbs for tourists, the Nikkei reported.

6 in the morning: Singapore expects 2,000 coronavirus deaths each year, even after achieving one of the world’s highest vaccination rates.

19:24 Monday: Close to 300 employees of WestJet, Canada’s second largest airline, have been suspended for non-compliance with the company’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy and could risk termination if they do not comply.

The airline said Monday that “less than four percent” of its 7,300 active employees, representing about 290 people, are being put on a month’s unpaid leave for not being fully vaccinated. The company warned that those who do not comply with its vaccination mandate “may face termination of employment.”


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