Tim Smith talks about Hawthorn car accident with splashes

Despite meeting with Mr Guy at his parents’ holiday home in Blairgowrie, Mr Smith has privately told senior liberal sources that he thinks he can handle the furore. He claims to have the support of federal liberal heavyweights despite the seriousness of the incident, which resulted in him crashing his Jaguar into a parked car before plowing into the fence outside an eight-year-old child’s bedroom.

“I have made a huge mistake and I apologize,” Mr Smith said.

Guy asked him not to contest the 2022 election, but Mr Smith does not yet agree with this approach, saying he would spend the next two weeks reflecting.

“I’m definitely asking others about their thoughts on it at the moment,” he said. “I ask the ward members in Kew what their thoughts are, I ask what my family’s thoughts are. I ask many different people who have existed in life much longer than me whether this catastrophic mistake and profound moral failure should end my career completely. “

When asked to explain the crash, Smith said he swerved to avoid hitting a car in front of him that suddenly braked at an intersection down a hill. He said he clipped that car “and ended up where I did” crashing into the side of a family home.


Even if he succeeded in nominating for the Kews seat election – which closes on November 12 – the party’s administrative committee could reject his application.

His opposition could also force colleagues to put forward a proposal to remove him from the Liberal Party meeting and force him to sit on the back bench as an independent.

On Tuesday, Mr Guy announced his “unequivocal” position that the Kew member should not contest the 2022 election.

“I made it very clear to Tim that he would not find his way to the front bench of any parliamentary liberal party I lead. And I made it clear that I did not want him to nominate at the next election and that I did not believe he was going to nominate for the seat in Kew, ”Guy said.

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