Three-day-old died next to parents after returning home from hospital

Three-day-old died next to parents after returning home from hospital

Newborn Luna died in bed next to parents Philippa Atkins, 34, and James Atkins, 35 (Photo: Wales News Service)

A devastated mother woke up to find her three-day-old baby dead in bed next to her the first night at home, an investigation has heard.

Philippa Atkins, 34, said her ‘perfect little girl’ Luna ‘learned that her life is too short and too precious’ when she died in May 2020.

Pathologists said the cause of the tragedy could not be determined, while a criminal said the sleeper was not to blame.

Luna was born two weeks premature by an acute C-section at University Hospital in Wales on 9 May.

She ‘seemed healthy and light’ when doctors discharged her two days later.

The newborn was breastfed before Mrs. Atkins, 34, and husband James, 35, fell asleep at 6 p.m. 9.30pm at their house in Cardiff.

But the tragedy struck when the new mother woke up at 1.30am to find her daughter ‘not responding’. She was pronounced dead 50 minutes later.

The new parents had enjoyed a ‘festive glass of prosecco’ before going to bed, an earlier hearing was told.

There was no suggestion of alcohol at all in the blood tests they provided, South Wales correspondent David Regan said this week.

The couple do not smoke and their home ‘was clean and tidy’ with ‘lots of fresh food in the fridge’.

luna atkins

The little girl was ‘perfect’, said her mother (Photo: Wales News Service)

It was not the fault of co-sleeping between the parents and the newborn, an investigation heard (Image: Wales News Service)

Regan said he had “no worries” about Luna’s parents’ behavior, saying: “Her parents made the choice she could sleep with them – it’s a choice that parents clearly have access to. It’s a choice they felt was in Luna’s best interest …

‘There seems to be no evidence at all that co-sleeping was instrumental in Luna’s death.’

A conclusion of undisclosed natural causes was given at the study.

Recruitment company employee Mrs Atkins is raising money for the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust after her ‘beautiful’ baby passed away.

She said: ‘We owe her to fill the world with more music and more joy.

‘So if you ever think you can not, look up at the moon and my baby will show you that the world is good and that you are loved!

‘I have to carry Luna for 9 months and hold her for almost 3 days. I knew my daughter and she was good!

‘She has given me the strength to believe in myself and strive to make the world a better place.

“No matter what you’ve been through, I’m always here for you, as you are there for me. When things start to go back to ‘normal,’ let’s strive to do better.

‘Let’s laugh more and sing more. Let us never forget the tragedies of the last few months, and let us remember the ones we have lost in the best possible way. ‘

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