This week in job DMV: Expect the unexpected

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Earn your stripes

You can never be too prepared, whether it’s for work or just life in general.

It goes double for … seeing a zebra. Yes it’s true. A couple of Marlboro residents recently spotted three zebras escaping from a private game farm that happened to be roaming a suburban area.

This serves as a reminder to always be prepared for something. Although I can not imagine you get any zebras interrupting your next job interview.

the news

That Baltimore Development Corporation recently developed a plan for the city’s economic future and it wants your feedback before the end of the month.

See some of our collections of technical education programs for kids in DC, Maryland and Virginia … and of local edtech companies to shape the learning of the future.

A former armory is now Towson University’s entrepreneurial hub – and it’s not just for students.

Mega Money Moves: Arcadia and both collected $ 100 million rounds last week. wants your feedback: Take our community survey to help us better meet your local technical information needs. As a thank you, we select a handful of survey takers to win a $ 50 gift card or a signed copy of Guy Raz Order, “How I built this. ”






The end

See you soon with you and our striped friends.

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