The White House is making a plan to prevent suicide

The White House on Tuesday laid out a plan to prevent suicide with firearms.

“Before deciding whether to keep a firearm in their home, families should know that having access to a gun triples one’s risk of suicide,” the White House said in a statement.

One of the actions of the Biden administration focuses on preventing military and veteran suicides.

Federal agencies are tasked with creating a public awareness campaign that promotes the storage of a firearm.

In addition, the Biden administration says it will make it easier for gun owners to get secure weapon storage or safety devices.

The ATF will also issue a “best-practice guide to all federal firearms dealers to remind them of the important steps they are legally required to take and further steps they are encouraged to take to keep their customers and communities safe. “

In addition, the Biden administration is also asking Congress and states to act.

“The president continues to urge Congress to pass an appropriate national law on the ‘red flag,’ as well as legislation that encourages states to adopt their own versions of those laws,” the White House said.


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