The sun has just blown the Earth with a huge solar flare

The footage is unreal.

Solar Blast

During the days leading up to Halloween, the Sun’s surface rippled with activity and exploded powerful radiation eruptions toward Earth, according to NASA.

While the surface of our planet is protected from the cosmic drama of its atmosphere, the flare can wreak havoc on GPS and communications satellites.

A solar eruption was so powerful that it was classified as an X1 class eruption upon detection on October 28, said NASA, which is one of the most intense of its kind.

A video released by NASA shows the play in motion – and emphasizes once again the overwhelming power of our star.

Flare Gun

The solar storm also triggered dazzling views of the Northern Lights, commonly known as the Northern Lights, in the night sky over stretches of North America.

Since December 2019, the sun’s activity has received steam, part of its natural solar cycle. Each cycle lasts about 11 years and rises from quiet to storm and back again.

Solar activity can actually heat up so much that the Sun’s magnetic poles end up flipping and blasting huge amounts of solar material off in the process.

The strongest solar eruption in the X-Class ever recorded was an eruption of the X28-class, meaning it was 28 times more powerful than on October 28, according to NASA. It may have been even more powerful than that, as the sensors cut out at that level.

These events are the biggest explosions in the solar system and could release as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs, according to NASA. So even though the Sun enables life on Earth, never forget its potential for terrible destruction.

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