The state is registering 24 local cases as Melbourne wakes up to harsh new restrictions

On Monday, Andrews stressed that the party, which was attended by dozens of people in the state’s Jewish community last week, is not a reflection on this community as a whole.

“We called for bad behavior yesterday, we did not call [out] a society, because it would simply be unfair and wrong, and it is clear that so many Jewish community leaders are joining and condemning what happened, and have done so on the clearest terms, ”Andrews said.

“I have talked to many of them in the last 36 hours. And I thank them for their leadership. ”

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said he was “horrified” to see anti-Semitic hatred directed at society overnight.

“It’s incredibly disturbing to quarrel for individuals in terms of getting to where we need to be,” he said.

Their comments come after an employee of Royal Melbourne Hospital was fired after making anti-Semitic comments online.

In a statement, the hospital said it had been alerted to a support staff member who had made “disgusting and shameful” comments on Facebook.

“The comment does not reflect our values. We do not tolerate racial or religious hatred, contempt or ridicule, ”a hospital spokesman said.

“The employee is no longer employed at the hospital, and we apologize for the pain and anger it has caused.

“We stand by and support our Jewish staff, patients and community.”

Potential COVID transmission in the playground

Professor Sutton said authorities are also investigating a possible COVID-19 transmission at one of the state’s playgrounds.

There are 50 active cases in Victoria are children under 10 years.

He warned that authorities had seen child-to-child transmission in schools throughout this outbreak.

A council employee closes the Elwood skate park due to the stricter rules for blocking COVID-19.Credit:Joe Armao

“It happens very quickly in households between children and we are investigating a possible transfer to a playground,” he said.

Professor Sutton said the decision to close playgrounds again was “difficult” – and affected his family as well as thousands of other families in Melbourne – but the risk of child transfer was clear.

Prayer for higher test levels

Andrews said test levels were not high enough and said authorities were concerned there were cases they were unaware of.

Within 24 hours to midnight, more than 31,500 COVID-19 test results were processed in Victoria, and more than 25,700 people received their vaccine doses.

The state registered a new overseas acquired coronavirus case in hotel quarantine.

Curfew ‘hard’ but will work: Andrews

Andrews said the reintroduction of a night ban was “tough” but would serve as a measure to reduce the movement in the community.

The curfew for Melburnians between 9pm and 5am came into effect on Monday night.

“[If] you are violating the curfew and the police will issue fines and it drives down the movement, ”Andrews said. “And it’s hard, but it works – it’s worked before, and it’s going to work again.”

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