The Prime Minister ‘betrayed the Nordic countries’ by scrapping the HS2 Leeds link, says Keir Starmer

Rresidents of Bradford, West Yorkshire, were to see a brand new station as part of the new line from Liverpool to Leeds, but they will now mostly rely on upgrades to the existing line instead.

Councilor Susan Hinchcliffe, head of the Bradford Council, told Sky News that the original plans would have added £ 30 billion to the economy and would have added 27,000 jobs.

However, the Prime Minister has insisted that the new plans still serve his equalization plans.

Hinchcliffe said: “I can not believe they would leave Bradford from the Northern Powerhouse Rail and in fact might not make the Northern Powerhouse Rail at all.

“This is a massive betrayal of Bradford, in the Yorkshire region and the north of England – they really need to reconsider this.”

She added: “We know which route we want, we’ve decided why in Westminster they suddenly think they can come up with their own plan without any consultation with northern leaders.

“It’s completely outrageous if you think about it. If they actually came here more often, they might see what people have to contend with in everyday life.

“People in the north are actually just resigned to poor services.”


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