Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

What a series of characters.

Enarmet Kieth. Mickey to suits. The glassy. No, this is not a list of extras in Snap, but a list of people excluded from a London pub.

The list was posted on Reddit and has left people in hysteria. Along with Kieth, Mickey and Glaswegian, the list also includes ‘Fat Paul’, ‘the ginger drunk tw * t called Angus’, ‘the ex con chav t ***’ and ‘that blonde b ****’.

And do not forget the enigmatic ‘Jason’, a man who clearly needs no introduction.

The list also does not end where an extra set of names has been added to a post-it note, which includes the nice-sounding ‘staring pervert’ and a description of another who simply says: “Flat cap, coke devil, barred for threatening regulars (and everything else). “

However, also watch out for ‘Danny Miller / Danny Partridge’, whose description simply reads: “He’s back and he’s fat.”

List of enigmatic characters (Credit: Reddit)

Not surprisingly, people went crazy after the list on Reddit.

One commented and said, “Makes me wonder what the hell Jason’s deal is.” Someone replied, “He needs no introduction, he needs no description, he’s the first person they think of who puts on the list … the fucking guy.”

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One user had the brilliant idea to create a live video stream to observe what’s going on in this pub, saying it’s the “Big Brother show the world needs.”

Others thought the list read as the cast of an upcoming film, with one person writing: “Pretty sure it’s actually the character list from Guy Ritchie’s new film …”

Another said, “The whole list sounds like the casting of a Guy Ritchie movie.”

Meanwhile, some thought they would do pretty well with the list of exciting characters. One person commented: “I would like to go to the pub they are now drinking in. It sounds like it would be great.”

Another added: “Personally, the banned list sounds like a hell of a party gang.”


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