The latest Oculus Quest update helps prevent accidental dog bumps

Fresh out of Metas Connect 2021 keynote, where Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was announced for Quest 2, the company announced the latest set of software feature updates arriving on Quest and Quest 2 headsets from today. The biggest addition is Space Sense, a feature that goes a step beyond passthrough guardian by showing you in real time once your secure VR space has been invaded.

It is a practical update that aims to keep you more secure with the other people and things in your home. Pets sometimes like to come to you while a VR headset is on because to them it looks like you are just standing or sitting there and getting excited about something. The blog post on the Oculus website says that Space Sense can detect things like humans, large pets (sorry for small pets) and other objects that could have found their way to your guarding zone. These things will be highlighted in your headset, “surrounded by a pink-like glow,” says Oculus.

This is a great addition. But we have to pour one out as that means the days when you could get away with taking joke selfies next to people VR without them knowing it are essentially over.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest headsets can now display messages from iPhones and Android phones

Version 34 of the Oculus Quest for the Quest platform adds a number of new voice commands if you are someone who prefers to navigate the interface with your voice rather than physical movement. Here is the current list of supported commands. Oculus also added the ability to view Android app notifications while in VR. It first added the option for iOS users in May 2021, so you can send in your iPhone’s messages while in the headset. You need to enable the feature in the Oculus app for your Android phone and then enable it in the app or in your headset interface.

Eventually, Oculus shared that developers will soon be able to release mixed-reality apps and games using its Passthrough API on both the Oculus Store and the App Lab, the latter of which is the uncured fork in the Oculus Store that hosts for experimental or ongoing titles. Oculus provided more details about it along with its ambitious presence platform during Connect 2021.

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