Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Look up at the glorious architecture during a rainy night walk on one of the world’s most coveted blocks, the corner of Spring Street and Greene Street in New York City’s treasured SoHo neighborhood. Incomparable light guides you on a journey of looking or popping into elite boutiques to adore the romantic Parisian blouses designed by Anne Fontaine, the pet-friendly items and contemporary groovy girl styles by Stella McCartney or the free-spirited femininity on Chloé. Maybe you want a new iPhone or want to host an event at Apple’s oldest store in New York City.

Soho evening rain, a lush 20-inch-16-inch oil on linen is among a dozen new oils on linen paintings, including Basa’s solo exhibition, LuminoCity, which can be seen until and including 10 December at Rehs Contemporary Galleries at 5 East 57th Street in New York.

“I wanted to make a series of cityscapes that captured light effects, so the night scenes with rain showed the greatest potential for almost abstract renderings, but still show real scenes,” New Jersey-based classically trained artist D. Eleinne Basa explained in an email interview. “But since I’m a very traditional naturalistic painter, I’m still attracted to reproducing shapes that show realism like in the windows and so on. But I can play with abstraction in the reproductions of light reflected in the streets or show how light can bounce off different surfaces. “

Even hardcore downtowners sometimes head across 23rd Street, and it can be a nice surprise to arrive in Times Square, especially when showers force non-city dwellers to seek coverage at retail chains and restaurants. Times Square light charms even those who avoid tourist traps at all costs. It is truly a joyous depiction of consumerist excess, which, when captured quite rightly, is as intoxicating a moment as the timeless neighborhoods where you prefer to spend a lifetime.

“In Times Square, especially at night, there are so many bouncing lights, billboards, reflections that it’s almost an abstract mix of shapes against a black canvas,” Basa said.

Travel about four thousand plus miles to Lucca, a town and municipality in Tuscany, central Italy, on the Serchio River, in a fertile plain near the Ligurian Sea, for an intimate walk along its cozy side roads via the serene scene of Side Street Shadows (Italy).

“I usually paint from plein air and photos, but for this series it was mostly photographs. From my years of painting plein air, I know that the camera could not really capture the true colors, especially in the shadows, so I compensate for that, Said Basa.

Basa was born in the Philippines and grew up in Manila and immigrated to the United States in 1994 and settled in New Jersey. After raising two children, Basa built a basement studio in 2004 and dedicated her life to painting, a talent she began to hone when she was eight years old. The basas’ landscapes engage the viewer’s gaze with their radiant light and luminescent qualities, reminiscent of the early luminists and tonalists of the American school. She is inspired by painters like Thomas Moran and George Inness.

These small works will fit into any global city apartment or adorn an extensive exhibition in an expansive property. These intricate paintings are quickly sold to people who are eager to illuminate their spaces with incomparable views of the city. I missed my chance for the multifaceted Soho Street Shadows.


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