The Dance Center celebrates BC’s modern dance scene with dance in Vancouver, November 24-28

The dance center has just announced that it will present Dance in Vancouver from November 24 to 28 at various venues in Vancouver and streaming online.

The five-day celebration of the BC contemporary dance scene was conceived by Melbourne, Australia-based guest curator Angela Conquet with Michelle Olson and Starr Muranko by Vancouver’s Raven Spirit Dance.

“Dance In Vancouver works on many levels,” says Dance Center CEO Mirna Zagar in a press release. “It’s a great opportunity for the audience to experience works by local artists; our artists get to build their network beyond the local context; and the presenters become more informed about our dance scene.

“While travel restrictions mean we will not see our international visitors in person in the numbers we are used to,” Zagar adds, “we look forward to using the digital space to connect with our colleagues around the world. “

Highlights of dance in Vancouver (all descriptions in quotes provided by Dance Center):

* Stupid instrument dance: Made In Voyage (November 24-27 & December 1-4, 5pm and 7pm, tomorrow, $ 30/25): “A Triad of Solos Odes for Artists’ Grandmothers, starring Ziyian Kwan, Shion Skye Carter and Justin Calvadores. Each of these co-created works counteracts historical erasure by highlighting the life stories of female colors, portrayed through the memories of their grandchildren. “

* Praying School: Orangutan (premiere, Nov. 24-27 & Dec. 1-4, 7 p.m., Russian Hall): “Biting School draws on history, literature, and philosophy to interrogate challenging social and political issues. The company’s work translates anxiety, trauma and beauty of our time into the language of the body in theatrical works full of physical, daring ideas and dark humor. Orangutan (Malay for ‘Man of the Forest’) is a provocative new solo choreographed and performed by Arash Khakpour. “

Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien
Daniel O’Shea & Sepehr Samimi

* Kelly McInnes: Blue space/Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien: Mid-Light: A transparent memory (double bill, Nov. 26, Scotiabank Dance Center, 8 p.m., $ 30/25): “In Blue space, Kelly McInnes explores our inherent connection to water – the water that makes up our bodies and the world we inhabit. This heartfelt solo is full of sensational images and explores the tensions between healing and exploitation involved in our relationship with the earth. Mahaila Patterson O-Brian’s choreography revolves around form and abstract gestures using unison, repetition, and complex patterns. Danced by Eowynn Enquist and Isak Enquist, this work is a score-based re-performance of a play that was originally made into film and stage — an attempt to grasp an idea that is endlessly changing into new forms. “

* Tasha Faye Evans: Cedar (work in progress, November 27, at 20, appendix, $ 20): “Cedar woman is a tribute to a legacy of strong and resilient Coast Salish women spanning all the way back to a tree. Created by Tasha Faye Evans in collaboration with artist Ocean Hyland, it is a solo about protecting what we know from the depths of our souls to be sacred. This profound and emotionally touching work is based on a mask held in a box carved out of an old yellow cedar tree while Evans prepares to dance the spirit of Cedar Woman. “

Ame Henderson

Dance in Vancouver also offers free performances, workshops and lectures at various venues at P. Megan Andrews, Action at a distance + Tangja Collective, Anouk Froidevaux, Zahra Shahab, Jeanette Kotowich, Justine A Chambers, Lee Su-Feh (battery battery), MascallDance, Co.ERASGA, DanceWest, and Lee Maracle with Tasha Faye Evans.

The program also includes IndigeDIV, which contains keynotes centered on native knowledge, live performances, digital offerings, video installations and a delegated program.

For more information on dancing in Vancouver, go here.



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