The child suffers ‘traumatic injuries’ in bulldog attacks

Ottawa’s statute department has filed three charges after a dog attacked a child in OrlĂ©ans on Halloween.

Paramedics said they were called to a home in the eastern suburb on Oct. 31 after a young patient suffered “traumatic injuries” in the attack.

The child was rushed to the emergency room at CHEO, Eastern Ontario’s Children’s Hospital in Ottawa, paramedics said.

Ottawa police were also called to the scene, paramedics said. Neither the age of the child nor the exact nature of their injuries has been disclosed.

The dog will be killed

City law enforcement officers investigated the attack on the home on Harvest Valley Avenue and raised a trio of charges under Ottawa’s Animal Care and Control Statute:

  • Failure to ensure that the dog does not bite a person or pet without provocation.
  • Fails to keep the dog on a leash and under control.
  • Failure to register dog.

The dog was also ordered to be muzzled and pulled on a leash while outside, Director of Regulations and Regulatory Services Roger Chapman said in a statement to CBC News.

Chapman’s statement did not say who the three charges were against. It said the animal, an American bulldog, was owned by a rescue organization.

The dog will be killed, Chapman said.

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