Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

The 49ers match got off to a scary start after kick-back Trent Cannon took a knee in the head from teammate Talanoa Hufanga and was eventually run off on a stretcher and left the match in an ambulance.

The defense opened with a three-and-out, but the special teams failed them after allowing a 73-yard run on a false point from Seattle. We discussed how disappointing the special teams had been up to this match and it did not take long before they disappointed.

After the offense went three-and-out, DJ Jones had a five-yard tackle for loss, and made a unique effort to force a fumble. That gave the 49ers offensive ball on the 24-yard line. Jimmy Garoppolo found a wide open George Kittle down the middle of the field to equalize the match on seven pieces. And just like that, we had ourselves a ball game again.

The defense stopped Seattle once again on three downs, giving the Niners offensive ball back. Given a free kick close to the byline, Bobby Wagner tried a move that loyal fans may recognize from training.

What happened next was the reason the game remained close. Seattle took over on San Francisco’s 28-yard line. After an offensive waiting call, Nick Bosa got his 12th dismissal of the season. That made it to 2nd and 43rd, leading to a missed 56-yard field goal by Jason Meyers.

What followed was even more impressive as the 49ers marched nine games in four minutes thanks to a 28-yard George Kittle catch and run. Elijah Mitchell completed a two-yard touchdown run to 14-7.

After a punt in Seattle, the 49ers had a field goal that saw a drive stall thanks to a Trent Sherfield holding call. Each team would swap touchdowns on the next three drives. After a punt in Seattle, the 49ers had a field goal that saw a drive stall thanks to a Trent Sherfield holding call. Each team would swap touchdowns on the following three drives. Seattle converted a 3rd & 14th and started choosing Deommodore Lenoir.

Kittle went the tight rope down the sideline and took advantage of Jauan Jennings blocking two defenders for a 48-yard touchdown. Unfortunately, two rough passing penalties put Seattle in a position to score, and they took advantage after another Lenoir mistake to bring the score within two points.

At halftime, it was 23-21.

Travis Benjamin fumbled the opening kick. Seattle looked like they were going to score, but Gerald Everett got a pass in his lap and lost it. The ball bounced in the arms of K’Waun Williams, and the Niners were lucky to avoid going down in the third quarter.

On the 3rd and 8th, Tom Compton was steamrolled by Carlos Dunlap and Garoppolo was fired for safety and made it 23-23. After a punt in Seattle, Jimmy tipped George Kittle by about ten yards. Tiki Barber wondered who Jimmy G threw the ball to, just like everyone else in the stadium.

Seattle wasted no time and Tyler Lockett scored on the third down to give the Seahawks a 7-point lead. Both teams exchanged points before the attack took over within their 10-yard line.

Garoppolo found Kyle Juszczyk on a perfect back-shoulder throw for a 13-yard win. Brandon Aiyuk had a chance to convert on a third-down, but after a big blow got the ball out, San Francisco was forced to score.

After stopping Seattle on the third down, the Niners got their eighth penalty this afternoon thanks to a personal error from Dontae Johnson in which he hit Everrett with his helmet. That game was followed by a 27-yard screen pass where the Seahawks caught the Niners in a flash.

Seattle kept their offense on the field at 4. & 1 within the five-yard line and converted, which almost ended the 49ers’ hopes of a comeback. That was until a series of stops by the defense.

The Seahawks had 1st & goals from the 49ers’ one-yard line and fumbled after Azeez Al-Shaair forced a fumble that Dontae Johnson got. It gave Niner’s life as they had 98 yards left for the game draw.

Jimmy found Kittle out of the goal zone and Aiyuk down the field. After another Kittle reception, the 49ers were on the 30-yard line at the two-minute warning. A block in the back call at Sherfield moved the 49ers back, but it was 1. & 10 so the Niners were not hurt too much by the penalty kick.

The 49ers ran the ball on the first and second down to move the ball to the three-yard line with 27 seconds to play. They ran 95 yards in 3.5 minutes. On the 3rd & goal, Garoppolo found Sherfield in the end zone, but wideout could not continue. It was a great pass from Jimmy. It would have been a ticky-tack penalty, so I understand that one does not throw a flag for passing interference.

Garoppolo’s fourth-down pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage, and the 49ers’ three-game winning streak was snatched.

The 49ers had every chance of winning this one. Funny ending, but they blew it with several errors. You can not be goalless on the road in the second half and expect to win in this league. Penalties and turnover hurt. They struggled, but fell short.

By Victor

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