Xbox Update Overhauls Game Library, Storage, and More – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

Xbox Update Overhauls Game Library, Storage, and More – IGN Daily FixIGN Xbox Fans Are Not Happy With the Elite Core ControllerGameRant Xbox’s ‘Improved’ Elite Series 2 Controller Is Getting Mixed Feedback So FarPure Xbox Xbox September Update Overhauls Game Library, Adds Storage Options, and MoreIGN Xbox Elite Controller Series 2’s Home button just got … Read more

Xbox Stealth Release Surprises Fans With Former Nintendo 3DS Exclusive

Xbox users across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X just got a stealth release, and the game in question is a former Nintendo 3DS exclusive. It’s not often Xbox consoles get a stealth release, with a majority of surprise releases going the way of Nintendo Switch, or occasionally to the way of … Read more

Xbox Fans Are Calling For The End Of Games With Gold

Xbox fans are calling for the end of Xbox Live Gold’s Games With Gold program, which, in its current iteration, awards Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X two Xbox One games every month and two backward compatible Xbox games (Xbox 360 or original Xbox) every month. While … Read more

Xbox 360 Exclusive Now Available for Free for Limited Time

An Xbox 360 game from the wonderful year of 2010 is now available for free, alongside an Xbox One game, courtesy of Games With Gold, which means it’s limited to those with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. And like other games previously made free with Games With Gold, it’s free only for a limited time. … Read more

New Xbox Series X Exclusive Seemingly Leaked Ahead of E3 Reveal

A new Xbox Series X console exclusive has seemingly leaked ahead of what is presumably going to be an E3 reveal. While PlayStation is starting to come around to porting its games to PC, it’s not really invested in the PC gaming space. And Nintendo certainly isn’t. Xbox is though. So, it should come as … Read more

Xbox Series X User Warns of Issue Making Your Games Run Slower

The Xbox Series X supposedly has a hidden issue involving the system clock that makes your Xbox games run slower. What’s terrible about this issue is that unless you have two Xbox Series X consoles, and unless you use both somewhat regularly, you’re probably never going to know about the issue. And because of this, … Read more