Alex Murdaugh trial continues with witnesses alleging financial woes led to family murder

Judge Clifton Newman sent the jury from the courtroom for a long break for a hearing to determine how much of Alex Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes will be admitted at the trial. Lead prosecutor Creighton Waters questioned Jeanne Seckinger, CFO of the Parker Law Group, about confronting Alex the day of the double murder. After … Read more

Russia hits civilian targets again, EU officials visit Kyiv

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian missiles hit residential areas in an eastern Ukrainian city Thursday for the second time in 24 hours, while top European Union officials held talks with the government in Kyiv as the war with Russia approaches its one-year milestone. The latest strikes in Kramatorsk came as rescue crews searched for survivors … Read more

White House transfers Guantanamo detainee to Belize – MSNBC

White House transfers Guantanamo detainee to BelizeMSNBC Tortured Guantánamo Detainee Is Freed in BelizeThe New York Times View Full Coverage on Google News

Race to find survivors after Kramatorsk missile strike kills three

The missile might have had a specific target – perhaps one of the government and administrative buildings in the streets in Kramatorsk’s small grid-pattern centre, writes Roland Oliphant. Instead, it hit a yellow-painted, four-storey block of flats. One witness said three families lived in the building. Hundreds of rescuers including local civilians, police, soldiers and … Read more

Jamaica ready to send soldiers, police to quell Haiti chaos

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Jamaica’s prime minister said his government is willing to send soldiers and police officers to Haiti as part of a proposed multinational security assistance deployment. The announcement comes a week after UN special envoy for Haiti Helen La Lime said she hoped that the UN Security Council would deal … Read more

College Board announces changes to AP African American studies course – NBC News

College Board announces changes to AP African American studies courseNBC News College Board releases revised AP curriculum for African American studiesCBS News Perspective | Blocking Black history is an attempt to counter Black PowerThe Washington Post View Full Coverage on Google News

Australia is removing the British monarchy from its bank notes

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia is removing the British monarchy from its bank notes. The nation’s central bank said Thursday its new $5 bill would feature an Indigenous design rather than an image of King Charles III. But the king is still expected to appear on coins. The $5 bill was Australia’s only remaining bank … Read more

Pope consoles Congolese victims: ‘Your pain is my pain’

KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Pope Francis on Wednesday urged Congo’s people to forgive those who committed “inhuman violence” against them, celebrating a Mass for 1 million people and then hearing firsthand of the atrocities some of them have endured: a teenage girl ” raped like an animal” for months; a young man who watched as … Read more

Erdogan: Sweden can’t join NATO if Quran-burning is allowed

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed Wednesday that Turkey won’t allow Sweden to join the NATO military alliance as long as the Scandinavian country permits protests desecrating Islam’s holy book to take place. Turkey, which had already been holding off approving Sweden and Finland’s membership in the Western military alliance, has … Read more

‘Woke’ Australian diplomat tells UK to confront its colonial past

However, back in Australia, Ms Wong was criticized or embarrassed the country by “lecturing” one of its most important allies with an overly “woke” message. The speech was “rude and self-indulgent,” said James Macpherson, a Sky News Australia presenter. “If Penny Wong has issues about her past, she should deal with those privately. But the … Read more