Powerball Lotto winners: Wild celebrations at Grapevine Italian Restaurant as fitness goers win jackpot

Powerball Lotto winners: Wild celebrations at Grapevine Italian Restaurant as fitness goers win jackpot

The moment after WA’s latest Powerball winners confirmed their $ 80 million jackpot has been captured on camera, revealing wild, noisy celebrations. A syndicate of 55 women from the Curves gym at Belridge Shopping Center won the entire jackpot Thursday night, with most of them discovering the incredible news during their Christmas gathering. Zoe Ellis, … Read more

Powerball Lotto Winners: Syndicate from Curve’s gym in Beldon reveals the moment they discovered they had won $ 80 million.

Screams, tears and pure joy filled the space of a gym this morning after a group of 55 women found out they were millionaires. The small Curves gym in the northern suburb of Beldon was buzzing with laughter, cheers and disbelief as the group of lucky winners gathered to celebrate their new fortune after winning … Read more

Child sex offender James Hayward resigns as member of WA Nationals – The West Australian

Child sex offender James Hayward is stepping down as a member of the WA NationalsThe Western Australian James Hayward withdraws from WA Nationals on child sex charges, faces calls to leave parliamentABC News National MP James Hayward is facing trial on charges of child sexual abuseAging WA Nats MP suspended due to allegations of sex … Read more

Cloths for wealth for cloths: Lotto winners who squandered their wealth

Dozens of Perth women sunbathe on Friday in the realization that comes with knowing they have just secured an equal share in this week’s $ 80 million Powerball jackpot. The syndicate of 55 players between the ages of 17 and 84 instantly got their lives changed forever Thursday night, thanks to these eight numbers: 27, … Read more

WA vaccine rollout: Around 39,000 West Aussie workers could lose their jobs due to refusal to get COVID jab

Close to 40,000 workers could be lost to WA companies because of their refusal to get a jab, with new results describing the multi-billion dollar fallout it could cause the state’s economy. Analysis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA’s latest consumer confidence survey showed that 3.7 percent of WA’s workforce – about 55,000 … Read more

Woman charged with drink-driving after car accident outside Mark McGowan’s home ‘an anti-waxer’, Premier claims

A woman will appear in court for drink-driving later this month after driving her car into a pole outside the prime minister’s home, where Mark McGowan claims the alleged driver was an anti-vaxxer. Rescue crews were called to the crash around 8 p.m. Tuesday. Police said the woman was the only occupant of the car … Read more