BBC guilty of ‘rewriting British history’ to promote woke agenda in ‘biased’ documentaries

Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, director of the anti-racism group Don’t Divide Us, said: “When a public institution such as the BBC helps normalize a radically critical, minority view of Britain’s history, it makes the possibility of a culture-in -common for a nation’s citizens – old, new, and yet to be – more difficult. This is … Read more

Queensland feral cat found with bandicoot and crow in stomach

Startling findings have been made inside the stomach of a giant wild animal that was likened to a puma after being sighted earlier this year. The enormous feral cat was spotted near settlements on Moreton Island, off the coast of southeastern Queensland, in April, and it was captured in July. An investigation of its stomach … Read more

Fear of Oxbridge bias against fee-paying schools

The head of Britain’s private schools has said “alarm bells should be ringing” over methods used by top universities to increase state school pupil numbers at the expense of teenagers educated privately. Melvyn Roffe, chairman of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, intervened in a row over declining Oxbridge offer rates to pupils from leading independent … Read more

Cambridge don in trans row after boycotting gender-critical speaker

A Cambridge college master is engulfed in a transgender row with professors after boycotting a “hateful” gender-critical speaker. Gonville and Caius College, the university’s fourth oldest, is hosting a talk on Tuesday by Helen Joyce, an author and former journalist at The Economist, about cancel culture. Ms Joyce has been vocal about her view that … Read more

New superbug found in pigs has ability jump to humans

A new strain of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria circulating among pigs is ringing alarm bells after scientists discovered a concerning feature of the bug. A new strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria circulating among pigs is ringing alarm bells over its ability to jump to humans. A University of Cambridge study found the “superbug” staphylococcus aureus – resistant … Read more

Working class people should aim ‘lower’ than Oxbridge, social mobility tsar to say

Too often success has been defined as a caretaker’s daughter going to Oxbridge and becoming a top surgeon, she will say as she calls for a radical shift in the way the UK views social mobility. Instead more attention should be paid to those taking small steps up, like those whose parents were unemployed who … Read more

Universities’ racial equality scheme branded ‘egregious wokery’

A charity charging universities thousands of pounds a year to take part in a racial equality scheme is behind “the most egregious wokery” in higher education institutions, government figures have claimed. Advance HE, which counts scores of universities as members of its Racial Equality Charter scheme, is said to be responsible for dramatic cultural changes … Read more

Grammar school pupils must not be discriminated against, MPs tell Oxbridge

He added: “I would remind Prof Toope that grammar school students are drawn from a very wide income spectrum and simply equating grammar schools with independent schools, where the vast majority of parents pay over £ 100,000 for a single child education, is like comparing apples with pears. “Equally, there are comprehensive schools in some … Read more

Cambridge College spent £ 120,000 trying to remove Tobias Rustat plaque in slavery row

“The college will have spent about £ 120,000 on an antiquated process that it had little choice but to follow, dominated by lawyers, and which is ill-designed for resolving sensitive matters of racial justice and contested heritage,” she wrote in The Guardian. This week, the College announced that it would not be appealing last month’s … Read more

Whodunnit grips world of academia as stolen Charles Darwin notebooks returned after 20 years

When Charles Darwin first sketched the Tree of Life in a small notebook, he took the first step towards solving one of humanity’s greatest mysteries. Now almost 200 years later, librarians at the University of Cambridge face another seemingly unsolvable question: how did two of his extremely valuable notebooks, stolen 22 years ago, suddenly reappear … Read more