A Bitcoin ETF is almost here. What does that mean for investors?

A Bitcoin ETF is almost here.  What does that mean for investors?

The first bitcoin exchange-traded fund is expected to start trading on Tuesday, making the most traded cryptocurrency available to most investors with a brokerage account. Here’s a look at what it means. What is happening? ProShares submitted plans Friday, laying the groundwork for the launch of its Bitcoin Strategy ETF. Other funds are expected to … Read more

Bad Bank, rights issue, ten demons and free EMIs » Capitalmind

In this week’s edition we have 3 research articles from Capitalmind Capitalmind Fundas post – How do EMIs work with no fees? 5 best conversations from our slack community Tweet of the week 5 interesting books composed especially for you Properly explain the “rights issue” of stocks. ✌🏼 Reliance Industries made India’s largest ever rights … Read more

Jamie Dimon says the worst of the pandemic may soon be over

Dimon said he’s not worried about the possibility of inflation picking up in the coming months when talking to reporters about JPMorgan Chase’s profit third quarter Wednesday. He bluntly said “that’s life” and added that the fact that we are even talking about inflation is a good thing as it is a sign that the … Read more

Cathie Wood’s Ark finances shares in Crispr. The stock is now tumbling.

Font size Cathie Wood’s ARK funds have bought hundreds of thousands of Crispr shares in the past week. Thanks to ARK Invest Shares of Crispr Therapeutics plunged Wednesday after the results of an experimental treatment from the gene-based medicine specialist impressed investors. That’s bad news for high-profile investor Cathie Wood, whose Ark Investment Management recently … Read more

Introducing CM EasyInvest: Buy Capitalmind Portfolios Now With One Click » Capitalmind

We launched Capitalmin Premium in 2014. Our goal, to build India’s best research platform for active investors. For those new to Capitalmind, Premium brings together: premium research on a wide range of investment topics from macros, sector deep diving, business analytics to quantitative investment approaches five meaningfully different model portfolios, four stocks, one fixed income, … Read more

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More » Capitalmind

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Why investing in stocks should be an informed decision and not a blindfold bet?

Peter Lynch once famously said: “An important key to investing is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets.” A lottery is pure luck and those who buy it hope to win it. But hope is not a strategy in any area, least of all stock investing. But many base their investments on hope – … Read more

Evergrande Could Be About To Sell A Property Management Unit To Raise Money

Cailian News, a Chinese state-run financial news channel, reported Monday that Hopson Development planned to take control of Evergrande’s property management arm by buying about a 51% stake in a deal that could be worth more than 40 billion Hong Kong dollars ($5.1 billion) . Chinese state-run tabloid Global times also covered the expected deal, … Read more

Mutual fund sahi hai but a good time to buy yahi hai? » Capitalmind

To sum up the past week and serve you the spread while you sip your coffee. In this week’s edition we have 3 Capitalmind research articles. 5 interesting books compiled especially for you. 5 conversations from our weak community. Two for the tango! ? Telecom stocks have been among investors’ favorites of late. Thanks to … Read more

Opinion: September was a terrible month for equities. Here’s what to expect in October.

October looms large in the knowledge of the US stock market. Still, there’s only one way the month lives up to its outrageous reputation: it really is extremely volatile. Before summarizing the historical data that supports this reputation, let me first debunk two Wall Street stories about October that turn out to be myths. Myth … Read more