UK takes fresh stab at internet rules as EU framework surges ahead – POLITICO

LONDON — The United Kingdom wants to police the internet. Shame the European Union got there first. Brexit was supposed to let Britain do things quicker. But less than a month after the 27-member bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA) went into force, London is still struggling to cobble together its own version of the rulebook, … Read more

The UK is starting to get real about Europe – POLITICO

Paul Taylor is a contributing editor at POLITICO. After six years of chaos and recrimination since Britons voted to leave the European Union, there are signs the country is showing an unexpected outbreak of common sense in its approach to the bloc. In his first weeks in office, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak — a Brexiteer … Read more

A bankers’ bromance – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. LONDON — After years — some might say centuries — of bitter feuding, love may finally be blossoming across the English Channel. It’s still early days in the courting process, but senior officials in both Britain and France are daring to hope that a … Read more

The route Albanian migrants are taking to reach Britain – laid out step by step

The majority of migrants are formally detained, rather than being arrested, although if Border Force officers have concerns about individual migrants they may take their fingerprints at this stage and arrest them if necessary. Each migrant is searched for weapons and asked if there is anything they want to tell the officials. They are not … Read more

How Liz Truss finally realized the game was up

Sir Graham, the keeper of the no confidence letters, had never been meant to see Ms Truss on Thursday. But, according to Downing Street, he was called in by Ms Truss, rather than the other way around. The media was first alerted that trouble was brewing at 11.44am when Sir Graham was spotted entering Number … Read more

Liz Truss has become another Theresa May

So, it transpires that, unlike her heroine, the lady IS for turning. At the very first opportunity, Liz Truss has folded on a signature policy – ​​reducing the upper rate of income tax from 45 pence to 40 pence. No one can say there weren’t warnings of her flakiness: during the leadership election she similarly … Read more

British pound crashes to record low — in 6 charts – POLITICO

The currency markets reacted to new UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget on Friday with a rapid sell-off of Sterling, leading to a slide in the pound’s value against the dollar and other currencies. Markets were spooked by the government’s plans to slash taxes by £45 billion without significant spending cuts. That means government borrowing will … Read more

Welcome to Liz Truss’ Britain. Everyone’s going on strike – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article LONDON — As Liz Truss gets down to work as Britain’s new prime minister, she faces an immediate problem. Half the British workforce appears to be going on strike. Across the country, rail workers, barristers, dockhands, bus drivers, garbage collectors, Amazon employees, and even journalists at the infamously … Read more

Theresa May is still ruining Britain

It was during her disastrous Conservative Party Conference speech in 2017 that Theresa May announced that the government would publish a Bill to put a price cap on energy bills. Having earlier declared to a tabloid that she was “fed up of rip off energy prices”, between coughs, splutters and a protester handing her a … Read more

Boris Johnson tipped to become the next secretary general of Nato

However, there was concern among the top brass, with Lord Dannatt, former head of the British Army, saying that he could not support Mr Johnson because of his character. The peer told The Telegraph: “Undoubtedly he has done a lot of good things and our full square support for Ukraine is fantastic. “But I am … Read more