The UK is starting to get real about Europe – POLITICO

Paul Taylor is a contributing editor at POLITICO. After six years of chaos and recrimination since Britons voted to leave the European Union, there are signs the country is showing an unexpected outbreak of common sense in its approach to the bloc. In his first weeks in office, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak — a Brexiteer … Read more

Ireland deserves no apology for Brexit

The comments by Steve Baker at the Tory conference have caused significant anxiety among unionists and loyalists in Northern Ireland, feeding the perception that this Government is continuing the tradition of its predecessors in putting the interests of nationalists and the Irish government above those of unionists. Put simply: unionists must give, nationalists must get. … Read more

Steve Baker apologizes to the EU for ‘not always behaving’ during Brexit

Steve Baker has apologized to the European Union for “not always behaving” during Brexit negotiations. The new Northern Ireland minister was a staunch supporter of the Leave campaign and is a former chairman of the European Research Group, made up of backbench Conservative MPs. He was one of 28 “Spartan” Tories who voted against Theresa … Read more

Brexiteer Steve Baker backs Suella Braverman as he drops his own leadership bid

He said he considered running himself to succeed Mr Johnson but had concluded that he could not have won enough support from members. Mr Baker said he was looking for “someone with iron resolve and authenticity. Someone with the authority to carry through tough decisions. Mr Baker pointed out how Ms Braverman had been one … Read more

Boris Johnson hit by new letters of no confidence from Tory MPs

“The key point is going to come when the privileges committee determines if the Prime Minister deliberately misled the House of Commons. If it does, that is when the pressure will become unsustainable, ”said the source. Asked at the G7 summit in Germany on Sunday whether his ambitions for a third term were delusional, Mr … Read more

No easy answers for Boris Johnson when Tory rebellion is coming from all sides

Furthermore, they mobilized. Steve Baker, the chairman of the European Research Group, was leading the push to get rid of Mrs May, helped with other staunch Eurosceptics. This time round Mr Baker is in the rebels’ ranks but, according to scores of critics who have talked to The Telegraph, there is no central organizing group … Read more

‘I’m sick of the Cabinet sitting there fat, dumb and happy’

Some of Baker’s views are well outside the mainstream. He believes, for example, that central banks are complicit in state-managed economic growth that amounts to “monetary socialism” and should be disbanded. As he describes how the global monetary system is “basically a big confidence trick”. He thinks the cost of living crisis is likely to … Read more