The government department stuffed with 700 HR jobs

About 700 civil servants in a single government department work in human resources, ministers have discovered. The Cabinet Office officials do not just work on issues in the department but across government, covering areas such as pay rewards and performance management. But individual government departments also have their own HR teams, raising questions of unnecessary … Read more

Rishi Sunak faces Tory mutiny over tax cuts as Cabinet colleagues call for action

Mr Sunak told the CBI on Wednesday night: “In the Autumn Budget we will cut your taxes … that is the path to higher productivity, higher living standards and a more prosperous and secure future.” The Telegraph has learned that a key element of Mr Sunak’s flagship package of support for rising energy prices is … Read more

‘Party Marty’ set to be sent to Saudi Arabia after organizing Downing Street lockdown gathering

Mr Reynolds, a former ambassador to Libya, left Downing Street at the same time as Dan Rosenfield, the Prime Minister’s former chief of staff, and Jack Doyle, the former No 10 communications chief. Separately, it was claimed that Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer posed for a photograph and discussed an upcoming football match with party … Read more

Rape arrest Tory MP’s alleged victim is male politician who was teenager when they met

An allegation of rape against a Tory MP was made by a male politician who was a teenager when they first met, The Telegraph understands, amid growing pressure on the Conservative Party to name him. The MP was released on police bail on Wednesday. Sir Keir Starmer, the Labor leader and former director of public … Read more

EU mulls targeted trade war ‘on troublesome Brexiteer MPs and Tory ministers’

The European Union is considering a targeted trade war on troublesome Brexiteer MPs and Tory ministers, sources told The Telegraph, as the bloc war-gamed its response to Boris Johnson’s plan to override the Northern Ireland Protocol. A senior diplomatic source said that Brussels has held talks over potential reprisals, including a plan to turn the … Read more

Politics latest news: Stop the ‘hokey cokey’ and back windfall tax, Keir Starmer tells Boris Johnson – The Telegraph

Politics latest news: Stop the ‘hokey cokey’ and back windfall tax, Keir Starmer tells Boris JohnsonThe Telegraph Boris Johnson ‘choosing to let people struggle’ with cost of living says Keir Starmer – UK politics liveThe Guardian Boris Johnson – live: PM ‘letting Britons financially drown’ as inflation soarsThe Independent PMQ’s: Stop the ‘hokey cokey’ and … Read more

Pound slides as surging inflation fuels recession fears

With the cost-of-living crunch in focus, motorists will be looking for ways to keep their fuel costs down. After petrol hit a new record high across the UK, new research by the AA has found that supermarket fuels may be your best bet – but it depends where you live. Across the country yesterday, petrol … Read more