‘We will not do this all of a sudden’: Ontario will slowly phase out vaccine passes next year, says top doctor

Ontarians should expect a “gradual departure” from the vaccine passport system sometime next year, the province’s chief physician said Thursday, warning that lifting customer boundaries in restaurants and gyms will be “slow, gradual and cautious.” Despite the sudden removal of capacity restrictions at major sports venues and theaters last weekend with less than 24 hours … Read more

The appointment of the Canadian Army Commander stopped by the military police investigation

The future commander of the Canadian Armed Forces in the army is under investigation by the military police, the Ministry of Defense confirmed on Wednesday. As first reported Wednesday by the Ottawa Citizen, a command change ceremony was to take place last month for Lieutenant General. Trevor Cadieu was suspended due to the investigation of … Read more

Justin Trudeau’s fight with Erin O’Toole over COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over

The battle in Ottawa for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations is far from over. You might think that the election would have solved the problem – Grit’s campaign for compulsory vaccination and won the most seats (160 from Wednesday). But federal party leaders see political advantage in knocking on this drum. Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet was … Read more

Ontario to conduct rapid testing for unvaccinated students in COVID-19 hotspots

Children will miss fewer classes during an outbreak, and shutdowns can be avoided with a new program that will implement rapid COVID-19 testing in hot-spot schools and target unvaccinated students, the province’s top doctor said. With the highly contagious Delta variant in circulation, “there is a place for this type of test” that starts as … Read more

Liberal Steven Del Duca says attacking ads from Prime Minister Doug Ford are a sign of honor

When Prime Minister Doug Ford’s progressive conservatives hit the airwaves with attack ads targeting Steven Del Duca, the Liberal Party finds solace in Oscar Wilde’s wisdom. “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about,” the Irish writer and poet wrote famously in “The Picture … Read more

Ontario to conduct rapid testing at schools in COVID-19 hotspots

The province is ready to announce rapid COVID-19 testing at schools in high-risk areas that would also allow for widespread testing in case of outbreaks to help keep students in the classroom, sources said. Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief physician for health, is expected to announce Tuesday morning in Queen’s Park about the rapid antigen … Read more

OPP charges fourth person in connection with alleged $ 11 million theft of provincial COVID-19 aids

Ontario Provincial Police have charged a fourth person in connection with the alleged $ 11 million theft of provincial COVID-19 emergency supplies. In a move suggesting an extension of the years-long criminal investigation into the pandemic scam, the OPP laid two charges against Manish Gambhir, 41, a computer specialist in Brampton. Gambhir was on Tuesday … Read more

Huawei boss Meng Wanzhou will appear in court to resolve charges Friday, the report said

OTTAWA—— A criminal case against Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou in the US is being resolved in an agreement that would get the Chinese business star to escape criminal liability in exchange for agreeing to respect certain conditions that had to be approved by a US court . Known as a postponed indictment, it could eventually … Read more

Liberal Julie Dzerowicz wins Toronto’s Davenport Ride; The NDP candidate admits

NDP candidate Alejandra Bravo has admitted and lost to Liberal incumbent Julie Dzerowicz by 165 votes in the Toronto riding in Davenport. In a announcement On Thursday, a day after her campaign questioned whether the election in Canada was a total result, Bravo acknowledged that she lost the race. “Although the election results were not … Read more

Healthcare workers can face vaccination mandates, says Ontario’s chief physician

Ontario’s chief medical officer warns that health care workers who have not had COVID-19 shots could face mandatory shocks as the province aims to increase vaccination rates “well into the 90s.” While several hospitals and nursing home operators have made vaccinations mandatory for staff, the province will consider ordering the same for standouts, Drs. Kieran … Read more