Cattle farmers in Queensland rejoice amid a deluge of wet weather with rainy prospects into December

Queensland’s large wetlands are expected to remain until December, and while welcome for cattle farmers, others in low-lying areas of central Queensland fled their homes overnight during floods. The Bureau of Metrology’s (BOM) seven-day forecast shows no dry days ahead for Queensland. The rain will peak in the southeast today as a trough over the … Read more

Warming up after a cool morning

The coldest air of the week is on its way Updated: 18.39 CST November 22, 2021 Hide transcript Show transcript IN THE QUEUE TO WHERE WE WOULD NORMALLY STAND B THIS TIME THIS YEAR. WE EXPECT A FEW WARMER DAYS A FEW COOLER TODAY A REALLY AVERAGE DAY IN EACH REGION. WE HAD ELEVEN 40S … Read more

Incoming system brings rain, possibly snow

Incoming system brings rain, possibly snow Updated: 06.14 CST November 9, 2021 Hide transcript Show transcript TO GET A TRAINING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. JAN: SO WE TALK ABOUT THE 30S AT THE END OF THE WEEK. TODAY IS NOT BAD, BUT 50’S TO LOW 60’S JUST LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. MARSHALLTOWN, LOOKS BEAUTIFUL TOO. 41 … Read more