Queensland feral cat found with bandicoot and crow in stomach

Startling findings have been made inside the stomach of a giant wild animal that was likened to a puma after being sighted earlier this year. The enormous feral cat was spotted near settlements on Moreton Island, off the coast of southeastern Queensland, in April, and it was captured in July. An investigation of its stomach … Read more

Tourist cops $2300 fine for feeding dingo on Fraser Island

A tourist has learned a very expensive lesson after he was fined for feeding biscuits to a dingo. The 23-year-old Australian man was waiting in line for a ferry on the island of K’gari (Fraser Island), 250km north of Brisbane, when a bystander photographed him brazenly feeding the wild dog – known as wongari in … Read more

Mouse plague eradicated on North West Island in the southern Great Barrier Reef

Rangers are celebrating the “significant achievement” of eradicating mice from a Great Barrier Reef island off the central Queensland coast. Key points: Mice had caused seabird numbers on the island to plummet 40 per cent A traditional owner says wildlife on the island has started recovering The eradication provides hope for other islands battling invasive … Read more