Religious exceptions to COVID -19 vaccination mandate: Here’s what we know, what we do not know – nationally

With the final deadlines for federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates looming, many who have not yet received the plug are struggling to take their shots, preparing to see consequences, or seeking an exemption for medical or religious reasons. The new policies, to be implemented in late October, come months after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to … Read more

David Amess most recently: Home Secretary Priti Patel pays tribute to a ‘Member of Parliament’ | British news

5.50 EDT 05:50 Priti Patel said Sir David was “a passionate advocate and advocate for Southend” and for her he was “a dear and loyal friend”. She said: “We are all struggling to find out that Sir David Amess has been so cruelly taken from us. “Actions like this are completely wrong and we cannot … Read more

Calgary election: Nenshi urges Farkas to apologize for ‘skimming’ comments – Calgary

With Calgary’s local elections just days away, the city’s outgoing mayor has expressed frustration over recent comments from a candidate in the run – up to become his successor. Speaking at Global News Morning on Friday, Naheed Nenshi said this week’s comments from section 11 councilor Jeromy Farkas during a debate hosted by the Calgary … Read more

Why will the town hall not go ahead with the rights of apartment buildings and tenants?

Listen here, or subscribe Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, including Youtube, where closed captioning is available. Stay up to date on sections via our Twitter page. If you want to support the journalism of the Toronto Star, you can subscribe to Guest: Shawn Micallef, contributing columnist … Read more

Quebec loses 1 polling station, Alberta gets 3 more after new riding distribution – National

Quebec is expected to lose a seat in the next redrawing of federal riding in Canada. Quebec’s 78 MPs will be reduced to 77 – the first time since 1966 that a province has lost a seat as the ballot paper has been reconfigured. Overall, the number of seats in the House of Commons will … Read more

The clean energy program is likely to be reduced from the budget bill

“He is not there during the CEPP period. We have tried,” a Democratic aide with knowledge of the negotiations told CNN. The aide told CNN that Democrats are trying to find ways to restructure the program to suit Manchin’s concerns while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “What comes through will not be called CEPP, but … Read more

Immigrant groups blew up Biden officials by a call Friday morning

It is the latest indication of tensions between the administration and its allies that are boiling over, with sources describing the hour-long call as emotionally charged and frustrating. “There is no confidence,” a source told the call to CNN, adding that immigrant advocacy groups are tired of having to respond to Trump’s policies that are … Read more

Referring to medical conditions, women file a constitutional challenge with BC vaccine cards

Two women in British Columbia who say doctors discouraged them from getting COVID-19 vaccines have filed a constitutional challenge to the province’s vaccine passport. A petition filed in the BC Supreme Court says 39-year-old Sarah Webb, who lives in Alberta and BC, developed a side effect from her first dose of a vaccine in May … Read more

U.S. Capitol police officer charged with obstruction of justice on Jan. 6

According to the indictment, Michael A. Riley told a contact person online to remove posts that showed the person was in the Capitol building that day. Riley’s arrest is notable among the more than 600 Capitol riots, as he becomes the first police officer on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, accused of allegedly trying to … Read more

Thousands of students are joining School Strike 4 Climate to demand stronger climate change

Schoolchildren across Australia took to the streets – and their screens – today to demand action against climate change. Key points: Students have taken time off from school to participate in School Strike 4 Climate Some protests were held online due to COVID-19 restrictions They want more action on climate change and restrictions on mining … Read more