Tight Labor Markets Will Keep Pressure on Wages — and the Fed

Text size A “help wanted” sign is displayed in a Manhattan store in New York City. Spencer Platt / Getty Images About the author: Andrew J. Patterson is a senior international economist in Vanguard’s Investment Strategy Group Contrary to popular wisdom, quitters are winning right now. Or at least, they’re winning significantly higher wages than … Read more

Free the energy market from red tape

When an energy price freeze was proposed by Ed Miliband in 2013, the Conservatives attacked it as “Marxist”. Like so many Left-wing ideas, it had superficial attractions. The Government should indeed be focused on ensuring that businesses and households are not paying a fortune for energy, but constraining the ability of firms to set their … Read more

The Northern Ireland Protocol is destroying the Good Friday Agreement

Twenty five years ago next year, John Hume and I signed the historic Good Friday Agreement which, thank God, ended 40 years of a terrorist campaign that caused tens of thousands of injuries and deaths and billions of pounds of economic damage to Northern Ireland. The agreement was not perfect, it faced opposition from many, … Read more

Falling Markets Will Crush Government Budgets

A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Aug. 21, 2015. Photo: Brendan McDermid / REUTERS Investors are painfully aware of the plunge in stock and bond markets so far in 2022. Are federal and state officials aware of the damage plunging markets will soon do to public budgets and finances? … Read more

Opinion: A smart way to play Tesla’s big stock-market swings using options

Tesla has recently been one of the most active and volatile stocks. However, what appears to the naked eye is not always the same when placed under the microscope of analytical mathematics. Lawrence McMillan We can see that the stock was in a steady uptrend from May through October of 2021. Then, it experienced a … Read more

Netflix shows Americans have had enough woke speech policing

We’re finally getting to a point where Americans have had enough of woke speech policing and censorship. Someone just needs to tell the Biden administration. Last week, Netflix issued a long memo detailing the company culture it hopes to foster: The streaming service lays out that it produces a variety of content and will not … Read more

Delusions of accused Buffalo shooter are reverse of reality

Accused Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron says he was inspired by New Zealand’s Brenton Tarrant, united in a belief called the “great replacement theory.” Fueled by the darkest corners of the Internet, this is a delusion that white people are being diminished, and that violence should be used to purge other races from society. It’s racist, … Read more

I urge our British partners not to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol

Ireland and the UK are co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, which has delivered almost 25 years of peace and security in Northern Ireland. Ireland and the UK worked in close partnership to deliver successive milestones in the peace process including the Anglo-Irish Agreement under Margaret Thatcher and the Downing Street Declaration under John Major. … Read more

Opinion: 12 stocks to consider for the next leg of the bull market

You may want to wait until the stock market turns up again before expending energy on trying to pick individual companies. That’s because, during bear markets, almost all stocks become correlated with the market. Only once a new bull market starts do correlations fall, and that’s when you have relatively good odds of picking stocks … Read more

Markets making you queasy? These simple, low-cost retirement portfolios are holding up well

Not everyone is having a terrible year. While stocks and bonds have all plummeted since Jan. 1, a few simple, low-cost, all-weather portfolios are doing a much better job of preserving their owners’ retirement savings. Best of all, anybody can copy them using a handful of low-cost exchange-traded funds or mutual funds. Anyone at all. … Read more