Massive change proposed for Medicare to slash waiting times to see a GP

Pharmacists will be allowed to charge $20 to prescribe some drugs including the contraceptive pill and deliver travel vaccinations and under a push by Victoria and NSW to slash waiting times to see a GP. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Victorian Premier Dan Andrews will join forces at Friday’s national cabinet meeting to urge the … Read more

Experts warn about spike of killer bug Strep A in Western Australia, Queensland NSW and Victoria

Nasty infection you’ve ‘probably never heard’ of surges in Australia as an urgent warning is issued to parents: ‘It can kill within hours’ Strep A cases rise in WA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland Experts warn the nasty bacteria infection can kill within hours Parents urged to be vigilant and seek medical attention immediately By Kylie … Read more

Sydney’s Glebe Markets closes down after 31 years: When will its last day be?

Sydney’s famous Glebe Markets will do its last day of trading at the end of this month. Organizers announced the sad news on Wednesday evening, blindsiding stallholders who were sent an email blaming the sudden closure on ‘personal reasons’. “Thank you for sharing the last 31 years with us,” the markets said on social media. … Read more

Melbourne, Canberra forecast: ‘Rare’ summer cold snap but warmer for Sydney, Brisbane

A “rare” summer cold snap is set to envelope Australia’s south east plunging daytime maximum temperatures leading it to feel more like spring than February. In the process, some of that sticky, muggy weather should also dissipate over the southern states. But forecasters have said Queensland is set to remain hot and humid with a … Read more

NSW Premier pushes for national pharmacy reform before Friday’s National Cabinet

Australians could skip the GP and go straight to the pharmacy to treat mild conditions if large-scale Medicare and health reforms are achieved. On Friday, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet will petition the national cabinet for changes which would give pharmacies greater scope to prescribe medications like antibiotics for urinary tract infections, skin ailments, hormonal contraception … Read more

Justice Shouldn’t Hurt: Australians react to policy helping NSW child sex abuse survivors

Australians are rallying behind “inspiring” sisters Rose and Pippa’s Milthorpe, whose “brave” decision to speak out about their experience of child sexual abuse is about to end a brutal court process that leaves young survivors “broken and traumatised”. Last November, launched its exclusive Justice Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, calling for the NSW Government to make … Read more

Justice Shouldn’t Hurt: NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet reveals statewide rollout

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has vowed to end a brutal court process that leaves survivors of child sexual abuse “broken and traumatised”. Last November, launched its exclusive Justice Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, calling for the NSW Government to make it easier for children to give evidence in sexual offense matters. The campaign was launched by … Read more

Justice Shouldn’t Hurt: Dominic Perrottet’s $64.3 million decision that will change NSW forever

Sexual abuse survivors in NSW are a step closer to being able to access a court system that drastically reduces trauma. In November, launched Justice Shouldn’t Hurt, a campaign that called on the NSW Government to make court less traumatic for children involved in sexual abuse matters. More than 67,000 people signed the Justice … Read more

Justice Shouldn’t Hurt: Rose Milthorpe reclaims power after $64.3 million NSW Government pledge

Rose Milthorpe was just four years old when she begged her mum, Michelle, to make her a superhero invisibility cloak, hoping it would “protect” her from “the monster” who was sexually abusing her. Unaware of the sinister reason behind the request, Michelle happily obliged and helped make the cape. For a short period, Rose was … Read more

Explainer: What sparked brawl between Pro-India supporters and Sikhs at Melbourne’s Fed Square

Over the weekend, a Melbourne landmark became the center of an ugly clash between two Indian ethnic groups in scenes rarely seen in Australia. Footage posted to social media captured the moment about 100 people broke out into a fight, using flags as weapons outside Federation Square on Sunday afternoon. The brawl, which broke out … Read more