Bad Bank, rights issue, ten demons and free EMIs » Capitalmind

In this week’s edition we have 3 research articles from Capitalmind Capitalmind Fundas post – How do EMIs work with no fees? 5 best conversations from our slack community Tweet of the week 5 interesting books composed especially for you Properly explain the “rights issue” of stocks. ✌🏼 Reliance Industries made India’s largest ever rights … Read more

Introducing CM EasyInvest: Buy Capitalmind Portfolios Now With One Click » Capitalmind

We launched Capitalmin Premium in 2014. Our goal, to build India’s best research platform for active investors. For those new to Capitalmind, Premium brings together: premium research on a wide range of investment topics from macros, sector deep diving, business analytics to quantitative investment approaches five meaningfully different model portfolios, four stocks, one fixed income, … Read more

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More » Capitalmind

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Mutual fund sahi hai but a good time to buy yahi hai? » Capitalmind

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Understanding how mutual funds work in India » Capitalmind

What happens when you buy a mutual fund? Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see how your money is invested when you buy a mutual fund. And what the “sahi hai” is about, in the mutual fund industry. A mutual fund is a means of investing in one or more asset classes such … Read more

What are the best InvITs, infrastructure stocks and funds for your portfolio?

The government’s ambitious National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) – to generate revenue by leasing existing infrastructure assets to the private sector – has put the infrastructure sector back in the spotlight. The expected revenue generating revenue of ₹6 lakh crore (FY22-25), will to some extent boost the government treasury to fund new infrastructure investments. With the … Read more

Crazy NFT, Exciting MLD and Crazy Exciting IPO Market! » Capitalmind

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What is NFT? The World’s Craziest Digital Asset Explained » Capitalmind

Multi-platinum selling American rapper, producer, actor Eminem has a question. And I say, sure, Eminem. Let me put a stop to it. On March 11, 2021, an artist named Beeple (aka Mike Winkelman) watched the ongoing auction of his NFT from his living room ‘Every day: the first 5000 days’. It is a collage of … Read more

How Market Linked Debentures (MLDs) Work » Capitalmind

Imagine if a bank told you that their fixed deposits will pay based on the weather. If it’s sunny on your due date, you’ll get 8%. If it’s cloudy, you get 6%. You are going to bet on the weather for a different return. In fact, that’s what a Market Linked Debenture (MLD) is, except … Read more

Telcos and the flaw in our AGRs ✨ » Capitalmind

Today’s distribution: 4 research articles from Capitalmind. A tweet thread analyzing the latest RBI bulletin. 5 interesting lectures. 5 conversations from our weak community. CM Chase strategy gets its groove back. touchwood This is what the strategy looks like as of the week ending September 17, 2021 We also analyze the following: What Chase experienced … Read more