More than 830,000 voters voted for PPC. What does it say about Canada? – National

The Canadian People’s Party walked away from yet another federal election without a seat, but the growth in the party’s popularity since the 2019 election is undeniable. It has some black, native, and colored people who feel a degree of concern about how vitriolic discussions with race will progress. “Is this a snap for PPC, … Read more

‘We want to continue this fight’: Canada’s People’s Party triples support in opinion polls despite not winning a seat

Canada’s People’s Party – the self-proclaimed populist and libertarian party – did not win the mandate on Monday, but saw its share of the country’s vote triple from the 2019 election, gaining twice as many votes as the Green Party. The PPC party, set up by former Conservative Cabinet Minister Maxime Bernier in 2018, capitalized … Read more

Here are some of the federal winners’ big winners and losers in 2021

Although Canada’s 44th federal election ended very much with the 43rd – with a narrowly liberal minority – there were changes in electoral fortunes across the country. There were favorites without seats and dramatic endings. There were results representing potentially significant changes for the parties involved. Here are some of the high-profile candidates who have … Read more

Maxime Bernier, PPC leader, defeated in Quebec riding of Beauce

Global News projects that the People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has lost in the Quebec ride on Beauce. With nearly 40 percent of the polls reporting from 6 p.m. 23:21 ET, Bernier left incumbent Conservative Richard Lehoux with more than 5,000 votes. “Thousands of Canadians came to our conventions across the country. Everywhere … Read more

Maxime Bernier is taking part in Calgary’s Freedom Convention ‘last weekend of the federal campaign

Police estimate that about 1,000 people packed up Central Memorial Park in Calgary on Saturday for a rally for anti-vaccine mandate, attended by the People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier. The anger of the crowds was in equal parts directed at federal and provincial governments over COVID-19 restrictions. Some of those present were former … Read more