Winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2021

Picture: Stefano Unterthiner / Wildlife Photographer of the Year From spawning fish and raving grizzly bears to fight with reindeer and kiss ravens, this year’s best wildlife photography will leave you breathless. It’s the amazing time of year where we can marvel at the best wildlife photos from the last 12 months. The Natural History … Read more

Venom Let There Be Carnage: Matrix Resurrections Connection

Poison should probably not take anyone pills, really.Picture: Sony pictures The reality of the film industry, which gathers around certain similar hubs, is that one project sometimes gets to brush up against another during the filming process. That is a little weird when such a crossover makes it to the last movie, though. Such is … Read more

James Bond No Time To Die surpasses Venom on Fandango

Daniel Craig sums up James Bond in No Time To DiePhoto: MGM The name is BO Boffo BO Daniel Craig, his smart cars and well-dressed suits apparently still have ticket control. The fifth and final Craig-directed Bond film, No time to die, tracks very well in pre-sales, says Fandango and even surpasses Venom: Let their … Read more

Marvel’s Eternals Action-packed TV spot features gay couples

Now more half-earth heroes like Shang-Chi and Black widow has got their solo film, that’s it Eternities‘ time to shine. The new batch of cosmic weirdos making their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is making their big debut in a month from director Chloé Zhao, which means it’s time for commercials to begin. Surprisingly, … Read more

Venom: Let There Be Carnage review: A minor improvement

Depending on your year of birth and comic book knowledge, the popular Spider-Man villain Venom may seem like an explosion of 90s nostalgia, a badass yawning maw disguised as a character or possibly a piece of performance art designed specifically for mysterious Tom Hardy. But even committed partisans for Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus or … Read more

Leave the right one in Game Adaptation Series Showtime full order

Get ready for more vampire leather.Screenshot: Paramount Superman punches many holes in many people in one new Injustice trailer. Michelle Gomez tells a little more about her approach to Doom Patrolis Madame Rouge. Plus, new glimpses at Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Ghostbusters: The Afterlife. To me, my spoilers! Untitled Conversion Camp Gyserfilm Deadline … Read more

Marvel’s What If …? has become the dark and sad corner of MCU

What if…?Photo: Marvel Studios The Marvel movies are funny. That’s not a controversial statement, though Avengers: Infinity War killed half of all life and Avengers: Endgame spent a significant amount of time making sure you were sufficiently sad that Iron Man died. Still, if you ask pretty much anyone, they will tell you that the … Read more

Kit Harington on Black Knights MCU Future

The lying gaze of a lying liar.Screenshot: Marvel Studios One of the most annoying things about megafilm franchises like Star wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that everyone is as hell to keep secrets as the people who work on them have to lie through their teeth in answer to even the most banal … Read more

Marvel Disney + Clint winner Kate Bishop

Marvel Disney + Clint winner Kate Bishop

It’s time for the vengeful archers to … skate?Screenshot: Marvel Studios We’ve seen pictures and heard rumors, but finally we have our first official look at Avenging Archers of Hawkeye in action. Today, Marvel Studios dropped the first official trailer for their latest Disney + streaming series, Hawkeye, starring the recurring Jeremy Renner as Clint … Read more

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer: Animated Saturday morning cartoon

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer: Animated Saturday morning cartoon

Screenshot: Astonishment via 100Bombs Studios We got the first, much awaited trailer this week for Sony / Marvel’s Spider-Man: No way home. If that was not enough to satisfy you, a YouTuber has recreated it (yes, already!) Using animation from Spider-Man: The Animated Series– with a small helping hand from the animated The amazing Hulk. … Read more