Latest news on politics: The government rejected the sage’s advice on testing before departure in ‘balancing’ for economy, reveals minister

ONE The minister has said the government is “concerned” about the rapid rise in Covid cases in South Africa, where the omicron variant was first discovered. Dr. Michelle Groome of the South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said there had been an “exponential increase” in infections over the past two weeks, from a … Read more

PMQs LIVE: Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer as leaked report warns Omicron could trigger ‘big wave’

B Oris Johnson was accused of “ignoring the wise man’s advice” on the Prime Minister’s question after a leaked report called on ministers to tighten travel restrictions to combat the Omicron variant. The report warned that the Omicron variant could trigger a “very large wave” of infections and called on the Prime Minister to introduce … Read more

UK Covid live news: Javid rejects reports claiming no 10 parties last winter broke shutdown rules | Politics

Good morning. Sajid Javid, the health secretary, did the morning interview round this morning, and although he was mostly asked about the expansion of the booster program announced last night, he also faced questions over new reports that Downing Street broke Covid rules last year. We have had a steady stream of such stories during … Read more

Gaffer chooses the team, says Lisa Nandy in a flick towards Angela Rayner over the Labor reorganization

While allies of the Labor leader have insisted he informed his deputy of the impending reshuffle, her aides are said to have maintained that she had been excluded from the detailed discussions and “knew nothing about it.” An aide is also said to have challenged Sir Keir’s team on a private WhatsApp group used by … Read more

Latest news from politics: Christmas pandemic entices as minister admits omicron may force people to isolate

LAbour MP Lisa Nandy has said the party is moving north, not center-right, after a reshuffle in which Blairite’s former minister Yvette Cooper returned. Ms Cooper, who has chaired the Home Affairs Committee, was appointed shadow Home Secretary yesterday, while David Lammy was appointed shadow foreign minister and Wes Streeting was promoted to shadow health … Read more

Keir Starmer launches relocation of the best Labor team

An opinion poll conducted by Opinium earlier this month showed that the ruling Conservative party had fallen behind Labor for the first time in a year as the prime minister fought a revolt from his own backers over his handling of the Owen Paterson sleaze affair. Since then, Mr Johnson has been hit by further … Read more

wealth tax will cause an emigration from London

A wealth tax could unfairly hit people who are “rich but cash poor” and lead to an “escape” of people with high net worth out of the UK, Sadiq Khan has said. The Labor mayor of London also warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that his plans to “level up” in the country could not happen … Read more

On a day of mourning, Parliament’s pantomime villain still manages to create a stir

Priti Patel spoke to the Commons in deplorable circumstances following the largest single loss of human life in the Channel since the migrant crisis began. “There are no simple solutions,” she warned. MPs agreed that it was a heartbreaking tragedy. Some blamed human traffickers, European passivity and xenophobia from the government. The interior minister condemned … Read more

Labor says Johnson breaks election promise with army reorganization – British politics live | Politics

I would have stayed in the Army if it had looked like that. But I was in an army that I think was eroded. The equipment did not work completely. The biggest adventure you had was probably to go to Northern Ireland every two years, but it was about as far as it got. Hong … Read more

Starmer says Boris Johnson’s social care plans are a ‘complete betrayal’ of northern England – UK politics live | Politics

How does someone in Redcar, where the average house price is £ 133,000, or Bishop Auckland, where it is £ 125,000, realistically raise the £ 86,000 without selling their house? I think most would say “of course I’ll have to sell my house to pay that kind of money”. You will need to defer payment … Read more