Australia called for leasing US nuclear submarines to bridge the capacity gap

A former U.S. Navy intelligence officer says leasing of U.S. Los Angeles-class nuclear submarines should be considered to immediately upskill the workforce of the Australian Navy and deal with a growing threat from China. Key points: The federal government undertakes an 18-month consultation period following the AUKUS announcement There are still questions about how much … Read more

‘Any major Australian city within range of Chinese missiles’: Peter Dutton warns

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has described China’s militarization as “alarming” and claimed that there was a “significant disruption” between the “super words and actions” of the Asian superpower. All Australian cities are vulnerable to a Chinese missile attack, Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has told the National Press Club. In a speech on Friday, Mr Dutton … Read more

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton says China views Australia as a ‘tributary state’ that should submit to its power

Defense Secretary Peter Dutton has stated that China sees other countries in the region as “contributing states” and warns that Beijing will quickly dominate Asia if it succeeds in invading Taiwan. Key points: The defense minister warns that China will conquer other territories if it succeeds in invading Taiwan Sir. Dutton says he does not … Read more

The government will not complain about Chinese naval ship near Australian waters

The prime minister says the government had been aware of a Chinese naval ship that was in waters off the coast of Australia recently, adding that it did not break international law. Key points: The ship traveled through the Strait of Torres and down the eastern shoreline It was not in Australian territorial waters Scott … Read more

‘Out of the queue’: Prime Minister strikes at Paul Keating’s pro-China comments

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vehemently rejected Labor heavyweight Paul Keating’s National Press Club speech, in which he downplayed the threat from China. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s pro-China comments and scathing criticisms of the coalition’s AUKUS alliance have been branded “out of line” by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. It follows Mr Keating’s speech at … Read more