UK’s teachers and civil servants join mass strike on ‘Walkout Wednesday’

Up to 500,000 people expected to join UK strikes Government says big pay rises will fuel inflation Schools shut, most trains not running More strikes involving health workers due next week LONDON, Feb 1 (Reuters) – Up to half a million British teachers, civil servants, and train drivers walked out over pay in the largest … Read more

India ramps up spending in last budget ahead of election

NEW DELHI, Feb 1 (Reuters) – India’s government on Wednesday unveiled a $550 billion budget for the next fiscal year that starts on April 1, with a plan for record capital spending while reining in the fiscal deficit. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, which faces elections in key states this year and a national vote … Read more

Russia presses ahead with Donetsk campaign; Ukraine wants fighter jets

Town of Bakhmut comes under renewed fire -Ukraine military Zelenskiy confers with top defense officials US prepares $2.2 billion weapons package for Ukraine KYIV, Feb 1 (Reuters) – Russian forces are making incremental gains in their push to take territory in Ukraine’s eastern province of Donetsk, focusing on the town of Bakhmut north of the … Read more

France hit by new wave of strikes against Macron’s pension reform

Reform would raise the retirement age to 64 Schools, transport networks, refinery deliveries hit Macron: Reform vital to ensure viability of pension system SAINT-NAZAIRE, France, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Striking workers disrupted French refinery deliveries, public transport and schools on Tuesday in a second day of nationwide protests over President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to make … Read more

Ghana and capital market operators agree on domestic debt exchange terms

ACCRA, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Ghana’s government and the Ghana Securities Industry Association (GSIA) have reached an understanding on the terms of participation by capital market operators in the country’s domestic debt exchange (DDE) programme, they said on Friday. Crisis-hit Ghana has to restructure its mountain of debt in order to access a relief package … Read more

Biden attacks Republicans over ‘mind-boggling’ debt ceiling threat

WASHINGTON, Jan 26 (Reuters) – President Joe Biden cast Republicans as representing the party of “chaos and catastrophe” on Thursday and sharply criticized their refusal to approve an increase in the US debt ceiling unless they get a deal on spending cuts. In an impassioned speech at a steamfitters union hall in Virginia, Biden launched … Read more

Brazil’s economy to stay weak amid doubts over Lula’s spending push

BUENOS AIRES/MEXICO CITY, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Brazil’s slowing economy will likely remain weak in 2023 as a planned spending drive by newly-elected President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva risks keeping already-high borrowing costs elevated for longer, a Reuters poll of economists found. Lula’s government, which took power on Jan. 1, is increasing the size … Read more

US Treasury emphasizes IRS customer service as tax season begins

WASHINGTON, Jan 23 (Reuters) – The US Internal Revenue Service kicked off the 2023 income tax filing season on Monday with 5,000 new customer service representatives, marking an early US Treasury emphasis on making the filing and processing of returns more efficient as it rolls out $80 billion in new funding. The new hires will … Read more

It’s ‘now or never’ to stop Japan’s shrinking population, PM says

Jan 23 (Reuters) – Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pledged on Monday to take urgent steps to tackle the country’s declining birth rate, saying it was “now or never” for one of the world’s oldest societies. Japan has in recent years been trying to encourage its people to have more children with promises of cash … Read more

Japan warns of dire finances as BOJ struggles to contain yields

Japan’s finances intensified severity to an unprecedented point Rounds of extra budget, stimulus measures aggravate finances Public finance is the cornerstone of a country’s trust – finmin Economic revival comes first before fiscal reform in the long run Parliament debate begins, all eyes on new BOJ governor nominee TOKYO, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Japan’s finances … Read more