On Translating Tove Ditlevsen | The New Yorker

Photograph by Jette Ladegaard / Sipa / AP You translated a volume of Tove Ditlevsen’s memoirs with three books, “The Copenhagen Trilogy”, which was published in English in 2019, and you have now translated a collection of her stories, “The Trouble with Happiness”, which will be published in March, 2022 How did you first become … Read more

Six events around town to add to your calendar

Toronto International Festival of Authors From October 21 to 31, the largest and longest-running literature festival in Canada will practically return. The 42nd edition of the Toronto International Festival of Authors connects bookworms with some of the finest Canadian and international writers and artists across a range of literary genres, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry … Read more

Winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2021

Picture: Stefano Unterthiner / Wildlife Photographer of the Year From spawning fish and raving grizzly bears to fight with reindeer and kiss ravens, this year’s best wildlife photography will leave you breathless. It’s the amazing time of year where we can marvel at the best wildlife photos from the last 12 months. The Natural History … Read more

Venom Let There Be Carnage: Matrix Resurrections Connection

Poison should probably not take anyone pills, really.Picture: Sony pictures The reality of the film industry, which gathers around certain similar hubs, is that one project sometimes gets to brush up against another during the filming process. That is a little weird when such a crossover makes it to the last movie, though. Such is … Read more

Denis Villeneuve’s dune is available if you did not read the book

Timothée Chalamet and Charlotte Rampling in Dune.Picture: Warner Bros. There is one very good reason for it Dune, one of the most influential sci-fi books ever, has never had a major adjustment. Basically it’s just a lot. History is set across several planets; follows several families, factions and belief systems; and is less about action … Read more

Game of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon Trailer Breakdown

Screenshot: HBO It’s a very dark night on the beach for Prince Daemon (Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith), the furious, powerful warrior and dragon rider. Since his brother Viserys I has no male heir, he feels he should be the next successor to the Iron Thrones rather than his niece, and many in the Patriarchal Seven … Read more

The Forbidden Fruit: Chronicles of a Talking Tree

The United Nations (UN) tried again earlier this year to broker peace between the Greek and Turkish factions of Cyprus. Often compared to the bloodier Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Cyprus and its capital Nicosia have been divided along ethnic lines since a civil war and invasion in 1974, with the majority of Greeks in the south and … Read more

Season 11, Episode 7, “Promises Broken”

Ian Anthony Dale and Eleanor Matsuura on The Walking DeadPhoto: Josh Stringer / AMC It has been said before, but pthe art of challenge a typical episode of The Walking Dead faces is that there are so many characters, spread out in so many different places, that an episode that tries to service multiple stories … Read more

Dunes Rebecca Ferguson tells Dune superfan Stephen Colbert that she’s almost done reading Dune

Rebecca Ferguson, Stephen ColbertScreenshot: The late show “I’ve never been more excited to talk about a movie, ohhh, maybe ever,” Stephen Colbert said Friday Sent show, leaving Dune star Rebecca Ferguson a little annoyed, and Colbert fans might be a little shocked. After all, Colbert has during several showss and decades, made known his worshipful … Read more

The Book of Boba Fett Release Date December 29 Disney +

Presumably he will do more than sit in December.Picture: Lucasfilm We may have just gotten first one Star wars showand another series on the way this week, but a fan has been waiting ever since The Mandalorian season two ended will make us wait a little longer. Boba Fett sneaks in at the end of … Read more