Quebec loses 1 polling station, Alberta gets 3 more after new riding distribution – National

Quebec is expected to lose a seat in the next redrawing of federal riding in Canada. Quebec’s 78 MPs will be reduced to 77 – the first time since 1966 that a province has lost a seat as the ballot paper has been reconfigured. Overall, the number of seats in the House of Commons will … Read more

Election results show deep gap between rural and urban Canada: experts – National

The results of the federal election have shown a deepened divide between Canadians living in urban areas who voted for most liberal candidates and those living in rural areas who voted for the Conservative Party, experts say. Allan Thompson, head of Carleton University’s journalism program, said the results of Monday’s election have revealed increasing polarization … Read more

Green reduced to a BC seat as NDP regains Nanaimo-Ladysmith in federal election

The new Democrat Lisa Marie Barron has been elected in the BC riding at Nanaimo-Ladysmith after an exciting few days of vote counting. The novice politician got a narrow victory over the second-place conservative candidate Tamara Kronis and the green-seated Paul Manly, who ranked in third place. Read more: Elections in Canada: Complete list of … Read more

More than 830,000 voters voted for PPC. What does it say about Canada? – National

The Canadian People’s Party walked away from yet another federal election without a seat, but the growth in the party’s popularity since the 2019 election is undeniable. It has some black, native, and colored people who feel a degree of concern about how vitriolic discussions with race will progress. β€œIs this a snap for PPC, … Read more

‘It has removed our voice’: Calls grow for vulnerable Liberal Kevin Vuong to step down

Calls continue to grow until the exposed Liberal Spadina-Fort York candidate Kevin Vuong resigns and that an election is to be held after the now independent won the riding seat. The Liberal Party announced that Vuong would no longer be affiliated with the party on Saturday – two days before the election – after news … Read more

The majority of the remaining mail-in ballot papers are spoken with: Elections Canada – National

Election Canada says it believes most of the 850,000 mail-in ballots not counted Monday night have now been counted, but there are still more close-range clearings that have not yet been determined. On Wednesday, the rides from Fredericton, Edmonton Center, Northwest Territories and Yukon were declared Left after the Count was ousted, along with the … Read more

Elections in Canada: No winner in tight Manitoba riding, special ballots elect MP or trigger retelling

Almost a full day after the polls closed in Charleswood – St. James – Headingley – Assiniboia, voters in the riding still do not know who to represent them in the House of Commons. The race between incumbent Conservative MP Marty Morantz and liberal Dr. Doug Eyolfson was the only Manitoba contest that was so … Read more

Perennial MP Hedy Fry elected to the Vancouver Center for the 10th time in a row

Longtime Liberal Hedy Fry is expected to win re-election in the riding of the Vancouver Center. It is the tenth victory in a row for Fry, who remains the longest-serving female MP in Canadian history. In 2019, she won with 42.2 percent of the vote. 0:59Elections in Canada: Global News projects Liberal minority, Justin Trudeau … Read more

The future of Canada’s Greens in the spotlight after the election setback

The future of the Canadian Green Party is in the spotlight after a disappointing end to the 2021 federal election. The party won at least two seats and remained hopeful for a third late Monday. But the night was marked by disappointment when party leader Annamie Paul failed to win her seat in the Toronto … Read more

Trudeau captures the liberal minority, must rearrange the Cabinet, silence the throne – National

The final number of seats is still in the air, but the Liberal Party will cling to power with another minority government. A majority government requires at least 170 seats, and the Liberal Party appears to be more than 10 seats reluctant with that goal. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to keep his job … Read more