Benjamin Hoffmann murder case hears about autopsies of Hassan Baydoun and Robert Courtney

Benjamin Hoffmann’s fourth and final alleged victim sustained 69 injuries across his body, including 36 “stab or cut” injuries in a “fight” that led to his death, a court has heard. Key points: Sir. Hoffmann pleads not guilty to all 14 charges, including four counts of murder The trial is scheduled to run for nine … Read more

Sakelarios Maillis gives evidence in Benjamin Hoffmann’s murder case

A relative of a man allegedly murdered by Benjamin Hoffmann has told a Northern Territory jury that they found a glass tube in their deceased uncle’s car, despite police already searching the car. Key points: Sir. Hoffmann pleads not guilty to all 14 charges The trial is scheduled to run for another six weeks The … Read more

Vaccine certificates explained: how to prove your vaccination status as Victoria prepares to reopen

The Victorian government on Monday rolled out trials at 14 venues across the state to test its soon-to-be-implemented “vaccinated economy.” When Victoria reaches its next immunization target of 70 percent double vaccination, which is expected to be on October 26 or before, companies like hairdressers and restaurants will be able to reopen for fully vaccinated … Read more

Toronto man not guilty of murder in sudden death of chronically ill partner

A jury acquitted a man in Toronto of the first-degree murder of his longtime partner, Carolyn Campbell, after just four hours of discussions on Tuesday. Josiph Cardle, 47, was accused by the Crown of extinguishing Campbell’s supplemental oxygen, even though she gasped for air and let her die. The oxygen had been prescribed to help … Read more

Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann visits Royal Darwin Hospital four times before alleged shooting

Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann visited the Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) four times in the morning before allegedly killing four people, but the doctor who treated him has told a court he was not worried about Hoffmann’s mental health. Key points: Benjamin Hoffmann is accused of killing four men during an alleged shooting in June 2019 A … Read more

Benjamin Hoffmann’s former colleagues take a stand in the NT’s Supreme Court murder case

Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann’s former co-workers say the accused killer talked about getting a gun and wanting to “hurt” someone named Alex before the alleged shooting, a court has been told. Key points: Benjamin Hoffmann is charged with four murders He has pleaded not guilty to all 14 charges against him The jury heard Mr Hoffmann … Read more

Benjamin Hoffmann jury hears from Buff Club and Jolly Street witnesses in Darwin CBD shootout

A regular man at a Darwin pub, where prosecutors claim Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann murdered his third victim, has told a jury he tried to wave at a police officer after finding a body, but says the officer stayed by his car. Key points: Sir. Hoffmann faces 14 charges and has pleaded not guilty to all … Read more

The NT Supreme Court showed CCTV of Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann allegedly murdering Michael Sisois

A jury in the Northern Territory has shown video footage from the moment Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann allegedly murdered Michael Sisois in a Darwin parking lot. Key points: Hoffmann’s nine-week murder case is in its second week Michael Sisois died in the parking lot of the Buff Club The jury heard from a witness who entered … Read more

Triple zero calls played to the jury in the trial against alleged Darwin shooter Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann

The jury in the trial against the alleged perpetrator Benjamin Glenn Hoffmann has heard footage of three triple zero calls made to police on the night of an alleged shooting across the Darwin CBD in 2019. Key points: The jury heard a recording of two triple zero calls to police on the evening of June … Read more

Witnesses from Darwin CBD shoot trial witnesses of alleged murder at Palms Motel

A woman has told a jury in the Darwin CBD shootout that her partner used herself as a “human shield” to protect her from bullets before carrying her down the street. Key points: Witnesses at the scene of the first alleged murder have provided evidence A witness told the court she had been admitted to … Read more