UAE buys record 80 French Rafale jets in $ 19 billion arms deal | News about weapons

UAE buys record 80 French Rafale jets in $ 19 billion arms deal |  News about weapons

The signing of the agreement comes as French President Emmanuel Macron embarks on a two-day trip to the Gulf, where he will also visit Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates and France have signed a $ 19 billion arms deal USD that will get the Gulf state to acquire 80 Rafale fighter jets … Read more

Ukraine says Russia has gathered over 94,000 troops at the border

Ukraine says Russia has gathered over 94,000 troops at the border

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukraine’s defense minister on Friday estimated that Russia has gathered more than 94,000 troops near their borders, saying there is a likelihood of a “large-scale escalation” by the end of January. Ukrainian and Western officials recently sounded the alarm about a Russian troop buildup near Ukraine, saying they feared it could … Read more

How real is the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? | Conflict news

Kiev, Ukraine – As early as January, the Kremlin could trigger a “short and victorious” war against Ukraine, a top military expert has told Al Jazeera as world leaders and international bodies weigh the possibility of such a conflict. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants his troops to reach the Dnieper River, which dissects Ukraine, seize … Read more

EXPLAINS: Turkey’s currency is crashing. What is the effect?

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – Turkey’s besieged currency has fallen to record lows against the US dollar and the euro in recent months as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushes ahead with a widely criticized effort to cut interest rates despite rising consumer prices. As a result, families are struggling to buy food and other commodities and … Read more

Twitter removes nearly 3,500 ‘state-sponsored’ propaganda accounts | News on social media

Most of the stories were linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s account of its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang. Twitter says it has removed 3,465 accounts operating as “state-sponsored information operations” that it has linked to six countries: China, Mexico, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda and Venezuela. Most of the deleted profiles – 2,048 – “reinforced the … Read more

Meghan Markle: Piers Morgan calls the Duchess “two-faced” after court victory

Meghan Markle has received new condemnation from a well-known source after her victory over a British newspaper in the country’s courts. Controversial British television station Piers Morgan has criticized Meghan Markle for being “two-faced” after she won her lawsuit against a newspaper publisher today. The sun reports the TV host tagged the Duchess of Sussex … Read more

Omicron destroys Christmas party plans all over London

“People are a little more concerned about non-family gatherings – Christmas parties, that sort of thing,” Steven Fine, CEO of broker Peel Hunt LLP, said in an interview. “They want to make sure everyone in the family is gathered during the festive period so they may not go to that Christmas party.” .

The United States warns Russia while the Kremlin talks about war threat in Ukraine

MOSCOW – The Kremlin on Thursday expressed concern over a possible escalation of fighting in a separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine as the United States issued a strong warning to Russia to stay away from Ukraine. Ukrainian and Western officials have worried about a build-up of Russian troops near Ukraine, fearing it could herald an … Read more

Top US general says Russia’s activity near Ukraine is worrying Military news

Army General Mark Milley says the Russian military is moving around the country enough to trigger ‘a lot of concern’. The U.S. is tracking enough indicators and warnings about Russian military activity near Ukraine to trigger “a lot of concern,” and Russian rhetoric is appearing increasingly controversial, the U.S. military chief said. Army General Mark … Read more

Residents against Tyrone gold mine protest in London

R Residents opposed to a controversial gold mine in a scenic part of Northern Ireland said it was causing stress and sleepless nights for locals as they protested in London. The planning application for the Dalradian Gold Mine project in Greencastle, County Tyrone, was submitted in November 2017, and there have been more than 40,000 … Read more